A genus with several species of trailing or bushy shrubs, fond of a peaty soil, or a good mixture of leaf soil and loam. The rarer kinds are increased by layers or cuttings, but the commoner ones, like Mezereum and Laureola, may be raised from seeds. The best-known kinds are Blagayana, a European evergreen, 1 ft. high, with dense clusters of fragrant white flowers in April; Cneorum, a narrow-leaved trailing shrub with bright-pink or deep-rose flowers; Genkwa, 2-3 ft., Japan, with lilac flowers in March and April; Laureola, the Spurge or Wood Laurel, a British evergreen, 3-4 ft. high, with sweet-scented yellowish-green flowers from January to April, succeeded by black poisonous berries; D. Mezerenyn, the Common Mezereon of Britain, 2-4 ft. high, deciduous, with purple-pink or white flowers on the leafless branches from January to April, succeeded by white, red, or orange poisonous berries.