Growers for market insist upon tomatoes having a good rich crimson-red colour, roundish billiard-ball-like shape and size, free-cropping qualities, large trusses, and a skin that is not too tender and easily broken. There are many varieties of Tomatoes that will not come up to all these tests. Intelligent growers now take as much care in grading their Tomato fruits into various sizes - firsts, seconds, and thirds or "smalls" as a rule; but one or two exceptions to the general rule make as many as seven grades. Amongst the varieties useful for market work are: Balch's Fillbasket, Chemin Rouge, Challenger, Hillside Comet, Ham Green Favourite, Holmes's Supreme, Lister's Prolific, Perfection, Stirling Castle, Sunrise (Carter's), Tuckswood Favourite, Winter Beauty, The Comet, The Cropper, and Up-to-Date.

It should be mentioned that many growers prefer their own selection. Of the varieties mentioned above some prefer one, some the other. It is therefore impossible to say that one is in any way superior to the other. [J. W].