This, like Scotch or Curly Kale, is a useful hardy winter vegetable which wants sharp weather to make it palatable. The seed bed for Savoys should not be made before May, for it is of no use getting them in early in the autumn; they will only burst before there is any demand for them. Plantings should not be made later than July, or they will fail to heart in, and nowadays there never seems to be any demand for Savoy Greens. Savoys require planting 2 ft. by 18 in., so that 14,500 can be got off* an acre. The Savoy is one of the most useful crops for cleaning dirty land. Its leaves keep So close to the ground, it spreads so rapidly, covering the surface so completely, that the most hardy lived of nature's indigenous growths are compelled to succumb to the suffocation.

Savoy   Perfection.

Fig. 466. - Savoy - Perfection.

Savoys are frequently sent to market stacked loose on the van or wagon. This affords an opportunity of discussing a practice which ought perhaps to have been dealt with under the head of "Cabbages".

Is it possible to contemplate the world around us without coming to the conclusion that a constant process of refinement is going on in the public taste, and in the demands it makes on those who cater for it? In every branch of commerce this tendency has been recognized by efforts to render products more attractive in appearance. Pains and expense have not been grudged to enhance the appeal which they make to cultivated taste. The results of efforts in this direction made by exporters of fruit and vegetables to this country from the continent of Europe and elsewhere lie deeply marked on the trade of our markets. Is it to be expected that the home market gardener alone will profit by ignoring this tendency, which every other class of producers recognizes? Will it pay him to persist in a practice which is contrary to hygienic laws, is repulsive to refined taste, and ensures that his produce shall reach the consumer much in the state in which a vessel, battered by wintry storms, drifts, a wreck, into port? Already premonitory growls have appeared in the public press, and wisdom surely lies in the direction of voluntary reform, which the widespread adoption of cheap boxes in place of baskets has made comparatively easy.

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