Although there are thousands of varieties of Roses mentioned in trade catalogues, it would be a great mistake for the market grower, or the seller of plants only, to attempt to stock the lot. Some varieties sell much better than others, and the tradesman must grow in bulk those he finds from experience are likely to remain as short a time as possible in his nursery. It does not follow that a variety that wins a gold medal at an exhibition is the one that will sell best, and the shrewd grower waits until his customers worry him a little for any particular sort before he propagates it in large numbers. Of course he will use his discretion in all cases. The following "Hybrid Perpetuals" nearly always sell well: Abel Carriere, Baroness Rothschild, Ben Cant, Capt. Hay ward, Ghas. Lefebvre, Duke of Connaught, Duke of Edinburgh, Duke of Wellington, Fisher Holmes, Frau Karl Druschki, General Jacqueminot, J. B. Clarke, Louis Van Houtte, Mrs. J. Laing, Marie Baumann, Madame Gabriel Luizet, Mrs. R. G. Sharman-Crawford, Prince Camille de Rohan, Ulrich Brunner, Susanne Marie Rodocanachie.

a, Rosebud selected for Propagation, b, Mode of planting the Bud.

Fig. 442. - a, Rosebud selected for Propagation, b, Mode of planting the Bud.

The best-selling "Hybrid Teas" include: Betty, Countess of Derby, Countess of Garford, Caroline Testout, Dean Hole, Earl of Warwick, Edu Meyer, Grilss an Teplitz, Hugh Dickson, Kaiserin Augusta Victoria, Lady Ashtown, Lady Battersea, Liberty, Madame Abel Chatenay, Madame Ravary, Prince de Bulgaria, Richmond, Killarney, Viscountess Folkestone.

Among "Tea Roses" proper the following sell well: Catherine Mermet, Ethel Brownlow, Madame Berard, Madame Lambard, Maman Cochet, Madame de Watteville, Etoile de Lyon, Francisca Kruger, Gloire de Dijon, Jean Ducher, Madame Caroline Kuster, Madame Eugenie Verdier, Madame Margottin, Perle des Jardins.



1. Joseph Lowe. 2. Richmond.

Among the "Polyantha" or "Multiflora" kinds Crimson Rambler holds the premier place for a climbing rose, and is closely followed by Dorothy Perkins, Hiawatha, Lady Gay, and others among the " Wichurai-ana" group. One of the most popular of the dwarf Polyanthas is Jessie, which is largely grown for market and for bedding out during the summer months. It has profuse masses of bright cherry-crimson blossoms.

To the above must be added various Moss Roses, China or Monthly Roses.