Crop-rotation and tobacco dust placed in the soil about the plants.

Liriodendron. Tulip Tree Scale (Toumeyella Liriodendri)

Large, nearly hemispherical scales clustered in masses on the under side of branches.


Scrape badly infested branches. Spray with kerosene emulsion or soap solution.

Lupine. Lupine Aphid (Macrosiphum Albifrons)

Large, green lice covered with fine white powder, infesting the plants.


Contact insecticides.


See Tomato.

Magnolia. Black Scale; Citrus White Fly;

Glovers' Scale

See Citrus.

Magnolia Scale (Neolecanium Cornuparvum)

Large, convex scales, pinkish in color, and covered with fine powdered wax.


Kerosene emulsion or tobacco extract to kill the young scales. Maclura. Treated under Toxylon. Mangifera.

Citrus Mealy-Bug

See Citrus.

Fruit Fly (Anastrepha Acidusa)

Small yellowish maggots infesting the ripening fruit.


Try sweetened arsenate of lead to kill the flies.

Greenhouse White-Fly

See Citrus.

Mango Weevil (Cryptorhynchus Mangiferae)

Brown weevils about 1/4 inch long, the grubs living within the seeds.


Gather and destroy all fallen fruit.

Mimulus. Ceroputo Yuccae

Closely resembles the common mealybug.


As for mealy-bugs.

Monstera. Scale (Hemichionaspis Aspidistra)

Brownish, oyster-shell-shaped scales, attacking the foliage.


Wash the leaves with soapsuds and tobacco extract.

Mushroom. Maggots (Sciara Sp.)

Small whitish or yellowish white maggots with black heads.


Exclude flies from house or cellar with fine screens. Sterilize manure by heating to 150° F. Fumigate with tobacco.

Mushroom Mite (Tyroglyphus Lintneri)

A minute mite preventing growth of spawn by eating the mycelium.


In infested houses remove all compost and disinfect by drenching cellar with boiling water. Use sterilized manure.

Springtails (Achoreutes Sp.)

Small black or brown jumping insects which sometimes swarm in on the beds.


Fumigate with potassium cyanide, three to six ounces to each 1,000 cubic foot of air-space. Sterilize all manure with heat before using.

Sowbugs (Armadillidium Sp. And Porcellio Sp.)

Oval, grayish or slate-colored creatures bearing seven pairs of legs; frequently injure mushrooms. These are commonly known as sowbugs and pillbugs.


Mix one quart of cornmeal with sufficient brown sugar to sweeten, then add two tablespoonfuls of paris green. Moisten with water and scatter in places frequented by these sowbugs.

Muskmelon. Melon Aphis (Aphis Gossypii)

Small, dark green, sluggish lice found abundantly on melon vines, causing curling of the leaves and death of the plant.

Catalogue of Insects, continued.