(Greek, korys, helmet, and anthos, flower, referring to the shape of the lip). Orchidaceae. Epiphytic orchids requiring warmhouse conditions.

Pseudbulbous: leaves plicate, lanceolate: flowers in racemes; sepals spreading, dilated, flexuose, conduplicate, lateral ones largest, distinct at the base; petals small, erect; lip large, tridentate, basal portion forming a hood, continued into the column; distal portion bucket- or pouch-like; column pointing downward, elongated, terete, bicornute at the base, apex recurved; pollinia 2, compressed, caudicle linear, arcuate. The bucket part of the lip is provided with a spout-like structure, by means of which the bucket overflows when about half full of a secretion which drops from a pair of glands near the base of the column. The flowers of the species known are not lasting, the sepals being of such delicate texture that although at first they fully expand, they soon collapse and become unsightly. Although much interest attaches to the species of Coryanthes, the genus is not generally cultivated, since the flowers last too short a time and are not particularly brilliant. This complex genus, which is closely related to Stanhopea, is represented by several interesting species inhabiting tropical Amer. for cultivation see Stanhopea.


Hook. Flowers few, in drooping racemes; ground-color rich yellow dotted with red; hood and part of bucket brownish red. Caracas. P.M. 5:31. B.R. 1841. B.M.7692. G.C. III. 28:355. O.R. 3:41.


Hook. Flowers in a drooping raceme; sepals and petals dull, pale yellow, bucket blotched on the inside with dull red. B.M. 3102; 3747. B.R. 1793. F.S. 8:755 (as C. Albertinae). A.F. 30:325. C.O. 1. variety punctata, Hort., has the petals and sepals bright yellow, speckled with red, the hood yellow, blotched with reddish orange, the pouch pale, speckled and spotted with red. Demerara. C. Cobbii is an unspotted form of this.

C. Balfouriana, Hort. Similar in habit to a stanhopea, with a long pendulous scape bearing 2 or 3 large and curiously shaped flowers Peru. - C. leucocorys, Rolfe. Sepals yellowish green, marked with brownish purple, the petals white, marked with light purple, the lip white with the bucket marbled with light rosy purple. Peru. Lind. 7:293. - C. Master siana, Lehm. Raceme erect; flowers 2 or 3, yellowish, tinged and spotted with copper-red. Colombia. G.C. III. 29:19. - C. Sanderi, Hort. A very large-fid. plant allied to C. macrantha. - C. speciosa, Hook. Raceme of 2 or 3 flowers; sepals and petals pale yellow; lip brown-red, the stalk brownish yellow. Brazil. G.C. III. 36:106. B.M. 2755 (as Gongora). CO. 2.

George V. Nash.†