(Greek, hump and seed). Pal-macese, tribe Areceae. Unarmed stout-stemmed palms with a crown of pinnately divided, terminal leaves.

Leaflets leathery, sword-shaped, the apex narrowly oblique, the base with a thickened recurved margin; rachis broad and stout, slightly convex beneath, channeled above: spadix smooth and much branched, the branches distichous; flowers spirally disposed on the spadix, brownish, otherwise as in Cyphophcenix: fruit globose or 4-5-angled. - Two species of New Caledonian palms, rare in cult, in U. S. and only doubtfully in the trade. See Cyphokentia; for cult, see Areca. The young plants have rather stiff petioles, but graceful, arching If-segments G.C. II. 24:362.

Vieillardii, Benth. & Hook

(Cyphokentia Vieillardii, Brongn.). stem medium height: leaves pinnatisect, the leaflets thick and narrowly sword-shaped: fruit obtuse, 4-5-angled, the seed also acutely angled. - A rare palm, known also under the names Kentia robusta and K. Vieillardii. n. Taylor.