We must not bring this volume to a close without tendering our sincere thanks to all those whose contributions have given such value to its pages. We need not allude to them individually; they have their reward in learning how steadily The Florist and Garden Miscellany is finding its way into extensive circulation. We unite with them in regretting that whilst its pages are open to all for the communication of information on the various subjects connected with our pursuit, so few comparatively should avail themselves of the opportunity for diffusing the information they may acquire or possess.

We must not be so ungallant as to forget the services of several fair correspondents, and we tender them our cordial thanks for the same. In the name of the Duchess Dowager of Northumberland, to whom, by permission, we dedicate this volume, they have an assurance that it will be conducted in a manner deserving their future support; and it shall be our endeavour, as it advances in circulation, to make it superior to any popular work of the kind that has yet appeared.

Whilst we pass over a particular mention of those whose names are so familiar with the garden-loving public, and which are generally attached to their contributions, we should be neglecting our duty if we did not specially allude to Messrs. Birkett Foster and Edmund Evans, who have supplied the principal woodcuts in the present and last volume. The former is too well known by his admirable drawings in the London News, and other illustrated works, to require our humble tribute of praise; nor need we say more of Mr. Evans, than express our belief that he bids fair to reach the head of his profession as an engraver on wood. Some specimens of their united talent are in our possession, ready for the coming year, and will fully support what we have said above. Again we repeat our thanks to one and all; and, soliciting every aid of every kind, say Farewell to our readers for 1849.

Conclusion 18490041