Ox both these occasions many excellent specimens of good gardening were produced in the shape of stove and greenhouse plants, as well as in Cape Heaths; and there were Pelargoniums by the usual growers, which would have done credit to either Chiswick or "the Park." Roses were present, beautiful and fragrant; and we also noticed some examples of good Calceolaria-growing; but the yellow ground-colour and the universal brown dot by far too much prevailed: we want a few finely-formed blotched varieties interspersed through our collections to give contrast, and thus render them more striking. Orchids were not wanting, and they were by no means allowed " to blush unseen," - the crowd that surrounded them during the afternoon shewed the estimation in which they are held by the public.

The 22d of May was the Tulip-show, and this favourite Florist's flower was produced in abundance; but, as a whole, not perhaps in the best of style, although many exquisite gems were observable; and we regret to say that some good collections were disqualified through inattention to the rules. Among amateurs, the first prize was awarded to Mr. Wallace of Petersham, for Dickson's Duke of Devonshire, Rose Emily, Friend, Fabius, Bijou des Amateurs, Crcesus, Unknown Rose, Lord Hawksbury, Aglaia, David, Polyphemus, and Lavinia; 2d, to Mr. Betteridge, for Fabius, Musidora, Triomphe Royal, Platoff, Lady Exeter, Sir Edward Codrington, David, Madame Vestris, Ambassadeur, Catalani, Polyphemus, and Reine de Sheba; 3d, to Mr. Gurney of Bethnal Green, for Aglaia, R.oscius, Platoff, Triomphe Royal, Carlo Dolce, Claudiana, Rubens, Victory, General Bornoville, Sanzio, Minerva, and Gloria Mundi; 4th, to Mr. Venables, for Roscius, Milton, Aglaia, Imperatrix Florum, Roi de Navarre, Claudiana, Fleur des Dames, Optimus, Due de Bordeaux, Sanzio, Manteau Ducale, and Hughes's Commodus; 5th, to Mr. Duttson, for Fabius, Aglaia, Polyphemus, Roscius, Cerise Belle Forme, Polyphemus, Washington, Abercrombie, Unknown Rose, Bijou des Amateurs, and Claudiana; 6th, to Mr. Noakes of Camber-well, for Captain White, Triomphe Royal, Vivid, Thunderbolt, Opti-mus, Violet, Blondeau, Aglaia, Malibran, Holmes's King, Salamander, Duchess of Clarence, and Demeroque. Nurserymen's Class: 1st prize, to Mr. Lawrence of Hampton, for Iago, Madame Vestris, Se-lim, Rosa Blanca, Musidora, La Belle Nannette, Violet Alexander, Lady Sale (new variety), Due des Bonsfleurs, Catalani, and Hamlet; 2d, to Mr. Turner of Slough, for Madame Vestris, Bolivar, Holmes's King, Triomphe Royal, Musidora, Lac, Platoff, Queen Charlotte, Hamlet, Lavinia, Catalani, and Polyphemus; 3d, to Mr. Batten of Clapton, for May's Hercules, Platoff, Triomphe Royal, Lawrence's Friend, Drinkwater's Pink, Cerise Blanche, Alcon, Polyphemus, Aglaia, Holmes's King, Walker's King, and Fleur des Dames; 4th, to Dr. Bushell, for Ruttey's No, 8, Aglaia, Abercrombie, Commodus, Will mer's Duke, Roscius, Dutch Ponceau, Tres Blanc, Bacchus Bizarre, Triomphe Royal, Globe Bizarre, Royal George, and Rose Brilliant.

Pansies, as usual, came in for their share of admiration, as well they might, for they were exhibited in capital order; but the sorts being so nearly the same as those given in our last Number in the report of the Hammersmith Heartsease Society, we will not occupy room unnecessarily by repeating their names here.

Certificates were awarded to a white Azalea produced by Messrs. Frazer; to Mr. Gaines for Calceolarias Magnifica and Cruenta; to Mr. Beck for Pelargonium Rosa; to Mr. Bragg for a dark Pansy, Joseph Hunt; to Mr. I very for Mimulus Rubini, and to Mr. Pawsey for Antirrhinum Duke of Wellington.

The 19th of June was the Pink and Ranunculus show; but it was too early for Pinks, and they were not in good character. Ranunculuses were, however, abundant and fine, and somewhat compensated for the absence of Pinks. In the latter flower there were in all three stands of twenty-four blooms and three of twelve blooms. In the Nurserymen's class, Messrs. Norman of Woolwich obtained the first prize for Lady Dartmouth, Musqueteer, Harriet, Smith's Goliath, Young's Lady Mildmay, Willmer's Princess Royal, Hillyer's Goliath, Elridge's No. 10, Smith's Diana, Garrett's Alpha, Willmer's Surplus, Hodges' Melona, Henbrey's Rubens, Young's Winchester Rival, White's Warden and Duchess of Kent, Omega, Elridge's Pickwick, Hodges' Gem, Costar's Alfred Morrison, King of Purples, Willmer's Laura, Giddy's Jenny Lind, and Reed's Maryanne. Among Amateurs, the first prize was given to J. Edwards, Esq., of Hollo way, whose stand contained Benjamin, Winchester Rival, Morning Star, Rubens, Mrs. Herbert, Laura, Melona, King of Purples, Blackheath Rival, Jenny Lind, Joseph Sturge, and Duchess of Kent.

There were fourteen stands of Ranunculuses, most of them containing beautiful blooms. Among Nurserymen, Mr. Tyso of Walling-ford was first, with Festus, Mrs. Neilson, Sabine, Demosthenes, Eliacine, Coronation, Amasis, William Penn, Melange, Kilgour's Queen, Naxara, and Village Maid, etc. Mr. Franklyn was second, with Nomius, Rob Roy, Prince Albert, Dr. Franklin, Lord John Russell, Apollo, Mrs. Wyse, Veriatt, Princess Royal, Marshal Soult, Elizabeth, Burns, Nonpareil, Eliza, Annette, Atlas, Charlotte, and Dr. Gardiner. Mr. Hook was third, with Parody, Triumphant, Dolphin, Alice Maude, Marshal Soult, Beauty of Suffolk, Rhododendron, Amaryllis, Princess, Mary Queen of Scots, Milo, Wonder, Catherine, Village Maid, Clarissa, Alexander, Albemarle, and Duchess of Leeds. In the Amateur class, Mr. Airzee was first, with Victory, Claudine, Bijou, President, Jenny Lind, Ferdinand, Herald, Theresa, Jane, Ariel, Miranda, and Britannia, all seedlings of his own, except Herald, which is Lightbody's.

In a box of twenty-four Verbenas, from Mr. Smith of Hornsey, we observed the beautiful varieties, Robinson's Defiance and St. Margaret. Mr. Bates received a certificate for a pretty bedding Pelargonium in the way of Luceum roseum, called Hydrangiaelo-rum. It was dwarf, and apparently a free bloomer. First-class Certificates were also awarded to the following productions: Verbena Lady of the Lake, and Petunia Attraction, from Mr. Young; Fancy Pelargonium Formosissimum, from Mr. Ayres; ditto, Ada, from Mr. Ambrose; Antirrhinum Diana, from J. Wooler, Esq.; ditto, Virgin Queen, from Mr. Pawsey; and an extra prize was given to Mr. Layton of Hammersmith for Calceolarias.

The Seedling-Pelargonium Exhibition took place upon this occasion, and was productive of much disappointment, in the small number of exhibitors and plants; but this was no doubt owing to the lateness of the season. Air. Black, gardener to E. Forster, Esq., of Clewer Manor, shewed Gipsy Rival and Van Sky; Mr. Rous his Alibi; Mr. Hoyle, Ajax, Ocellatum, Zannetta, and Cardinal; Mr. Beck, Incomparable, Major Domo, Little-but-Good, Agatha, Rosa, and Silk-Mercer; and Mr. Pontey his Prince Arthur. Another variety, numbered 40, had no raiser's name attached. The prizes awarded were: equal second prizes for Gipsy Rival and Ajax; the former very much like Gipsy Bride in size, form, and general colour; the latter a purple flower. Equal third prizes were also given to Incomparable and Ocellatum; the former was figured in our last year's volume, and the latter is the flower already described as a great novelty, from having upon its lower petals a small clearly defined spot, of colour similar to the blotch on the upper one.

Altogether it was a poor exhibition.