This was held at the Horns Tavern, Kennington Common, on the 20th May. The flowers were neither so fine nor so numerous as we have often seen; the general complaint of uncongenial weather prevailed; and certainly, with but few exceptions, there was scarcely a fair specimen shewn.

Best collection of nine blooms: The Rev. Thomas Jephson. - Rosa blanca, Polydorus (a superb specimen, and by far the best bloom we have seen this season); Madame Vestris, Gloria Mundi (yellow), Violet Alexander, Polyphemus, David, Lalla Rookh, Ponceau tres blanc.

2d: Mr. P. Wallace, jun. - Fabius, Prince William IV., Violet Alexander, Friend, Duke of Devonshire, Triomphe Royale, Lavinia, Bijou des Amateurs, Like Croesus.

3d: Charles Crook, Esq., Hon. Sec. - Royal George, Duke of Devonshire, Fleur des Dames, Fanny, Brutus, Violet Alexander, Mantua Ducal, Duke of Sussex, Roscius.

4th: A. Lane, Esq., Wycombe. - Prince Albert, Rosa blanca, Fabius, King, Shakspeare, Violet Quorto, Cerise belle forme, David, Matilda.

There were in all nine collections for competition, and about the same number not for competition; and being all arranged in uniform stands, they produced a striking display.

Mr. Groom's Tulips

We must defer reporting on these, as on the private exhibition day they were not sufficiently in bloom. The lateness of the season also has prevented a report on Haward's Magnificent. It is promised us for our next Number.