On the 29th the original show was held here by adjournment from York. The weather was beautiful, and the flowers in better condition than on the previous day.

The first cup was gained by Mr. Houghton of Nottingham, with old standard varieties, the only novelty being Britannia, a feathered bybloemen, which was certainly the worst flower in his pan. The second pan contained Maid of Orleans, feathered byblcemen, and Princess Royal, flamed in good style; whilst the Triomphe Royals in each were very good.

A few Scotch flowers were exhibited: amongst them Reid's Prince Albert and Mary Lamb; the former a neat feathered byblcemen of great purity; the latter a feathered rose, extremely attractive from its brilliancy; Mary Lamb is hardly perfection, however, wanting a little more embonpoint. There were a greater variety shewn than on the preceding day; and amongst novelties we may mention the seedling feathered bizarre which took the prize, as the best rectified flower of 1850, - it was the Mayor of Warrington, raised by G. W. Hardy, Esq., and is certainly a flower of great promise, combining form, purity, and brilliancy of colour in a great degree. The marking is a black feather on a yellow ground. The prize stage combined the best of the crack northern sorts, with some few southern ones.

In bizarres, Charles X., Polyphemus, Lord Milton, Magnum Bonum, Emperor Charles, Catafalque, were amongst the winning flowers.

In byblcemens, Bienfait, Queen Charlotte, Louis XVI., Salvator Rosa, etc. etc. were good; whilst Heroine, Emily, Camillus, Vesta, etc. were conspicuous amongst the roses.

The breeders were shewn in great force; amongst the best were Ada, John of Gaunt, Sir Thomas Picton, Lord Derby, Pilot, etc. etc.

Altogether the exhibition passed off most satisfactorily; and previous to the separation of the florists, it was agreed that the next year's exhibition should be held at Derby.