The following are all fine late summer and autumn flowering Clematis: Jackmanii, Prince of Wales, rubella, carulea odorata, lanuginosa, Lady Boville, Alexandra, magnifica, Lady Carolina Nevill, purpurea hybrida. A rather strong loam, deep, well drained, and made very rich with well-rotted manure, are the chief conditions to their successful culture. You should read ' The Clematis as a Garden Flower,' by Messrs Moore and Jackman.

A Lady #1

Commence putting in your Geranium cuttings not later than the middle of this month. Boxes 4 inches deep, and 2 1/2 feet long, by 1 1/2 feet, are convenient for the purpose. Fill them firmly with compost composed of loam two parts, leaf mould one part, and sand one part. Put sixty cuttings in a box. See that they are well drained. When the cuttings are put in set them in a warm place fully exposed to the sun, and keep them moderately moist.