The Food Journal for March. The Gardener's Magazine for March.

Report on the Planting and Laying Out of the Thames Embankment. By Alexander M'Kenzie. Presented to the Parks, etc. Committee of the Metropolitan Board of Works.

Horticultural Calendar and Gardeners' Diary for 1870. Letts, Son, & Co., Printers, New-Cross, London. This appears quite a new design, and consists of a series of sheets in the form of slips attached to a stiff card, and is issued for the purpose of hanging in the greenhouse or toolhouse, and noting temperature, direction of wind, date of planting or sowing, etc.,a space being left after each day of the month for the purpose; and there is also a column of brief reminders of monthly duties connected with every department of the garden. The backs of the slips can be utilised for advertisements by the firm who may order a quantity of them. For registering a list of shows, and suchlike, it is extremely useful.