Another grand class of plants for winter and spring work, when there is any quantity of cut-flower required, and for button-holes throughout the year they prove invaluable. They should be struck early in spring on a gentle hotbed, and grown on until the middle of May, when they should be planted out on a piece of ground which had previously been deeply trenched, adding plenty of rotten manure well mixed in the soil. They should be planted about 18 inches every way, to allow of attending to them in watering and keeping clean. Let them be liberally supplied with water - an occasional watering with weak manure-water would benefit them; also ply the syringe freely amongst them in hot weather. In September lift them and put into 6 and 7 inch pots, using good loam, a little dung, and a sprinkling of sand. Shade them for a few days until they take with the pots, when all the air possible should be given until cold weather set in, when a little heat may be given; but the less heat they can be induced to flower in the better, as the flowers last longer, having more substance, and are richer in colour.