A correspondent of a paper who had taken a drive out to the country districts to see how things were looking, says of the district of Lovel's Flat, - "I saw for the first time the immense deposits of coal in this locality cropping out of the ground. Some seams are nearly 20 feet thick, 1 or 2 feet of stripping only being required to develop them. It is a regular coal-quarry, where a man with pick and shovel can fill a dray in no time without disappearing underground. Time prevented me from visiting the Clutha coal-field. A pit was being sunk on Mr Hendersou, M.P.C.'s property, which at the depth of 30 feet indicated coal, and, if discovered, will no doubt prove of superior quality. Here also strong indication of iron deposits could be observed, a very superior specimen of hematite being discovered while digging. On my return, I received a very good specimen of coal from Mr Douglas, Waihola, which is said to have been found towards the sea".