Abies Canadensis (the Hemlock Spruce), a very graceful-growing plant, but requires a dry sheltered situation.

Abies Donglasii.

Biota (or Thuja) orientalis (the Chinese Arborvitae), a close-growing pyramidal shrub, but trains best in a sheltered situation.

Cedrus Atlantica (the Cedar of Lebanon of Mount Atlas), a handsome tree for a lawn when there is plenty of room.

Cedrus Deodara.

Cupressus Lawsoniana. Several pretty forms of this most valuable plant can be selected in any nursery; and it thrives in almost any situation, even in the smoke of large towns.

Cupressus Nutkaensis - or, to use its more generally known name, Thujopsis borealis - is another very ornamental and useful plant which should be in every pleasure-ground.

Cupressus Goviniana is a fast-growing, ornamental, spreading Cypress, which requires a sheltered situation and milder climate than many other Conifers.

Juniperus Chinensis (the Chinese Juniper) is very hardy, and in spring the inflorescence gives it a very ornamental and distinct appearance.

Picea amabilis, a very fine ornamental plant.

Picea bracteata, do. do.

Picea Cephalonica, compact-growing and very ornamental; not a rapid grower.

Picea lasiocarpa, very fine and distinct.

Picea nobilis, handsome and very hardy; the underneath part of the foliage silvery.

Picea Nordmanniana, very hardy, and a fine ornamental tree, the foliage of a rich deep-green colour.

Pinus Austriaca. We mention this particularly where shelter or a blind is wanted, and for exposed situations. It is best described as a very robust-growing Scotch Fir.

Pinus Cembra, silvery green foliage, the tree of a conical form; not suited to very cold damp localities.

Pinus insignis. This handsome dark-green-leaved Pine thrives best in sheltered and tolerably dry situations.

Retinospora pisifera, a beautiful plant.

Taxodium distichum (the deciduous Cypress); the beautiful, fine, graceful foliage of this plant makes it one of the most ornamental for summer decoration.

Taxus (or Yew) Canadensis, the handsomest form of the common Yew, and the Irish, variegated, are useful; the latter indispensable.

Thuja gigantea, a noble Arborvitae.

Thuja Menziesii, generally known as Lobbi, with rich green spreading branches, which assume a metallic lustre as autumn comes on.

Thujopsis dolabrata, a distinct and unique Conifer for sheltered places, but large plants not generally obtainable. Those who have seen good-sized plants know its rare beauty.

Wellingtonia gigantea. Wants room and shelter.

The list of Conifers could easily be extended, but as we write for small gardens chiefly, we have enumerated the most desirable. These can easily be added to by visiting any nursery of note.