This is one of the most welcome of all the kinds known, and in growth and flower is quite distinct from C. insigne, of which it is undoubtedly one of the very best forms. The leaves are straight and shapely, and the flower has a more finished appearance, the upper sepal being nearly all white, blotched with lilac purple. Of the four or five varieties of Cypripedium insigne which I have, this is by far the most welcome and effective, and a flower of it which has been fully expanded for six weeks is still quite fresh.

A friend who was fortunate in obtaining a good importation of Orchids from Assam sent me a batch of them, and amongst the number which have bloomed is a variety I never saw before. In growth it resembles Maulei, but it is more robust: there is a good deal of pure white on the top sepal, and the spots or blotches are nearly black, as in C. Boxalli I am very pleased with it. as a most interesting variety of the free-blooming and useful winter-blooming C. insigne.