The following extracts from a letter of Dr Lauder Lindsay, were read at a meeting of the Otago Institute, on the 13th May. " I am in a position now to give you further information about the movements of the Swedish Botanist who proceeds this year to New Zealand, to explore its Alpine Flora. ... I have advised him to devote attention mainly to the classes of plants not hitherto studied in New Zealand; so that his collection will be sure to abound in novelties. . . . His name is Dr Ivan Berggren, of the University of Lund, Sweden, where he holds the office of Docent of Botany and assistant Curator of the University Herbarium. He is known to European botanists chiefly for his publications on Bryology; and his attention in New Zealand will no doubt be directed greatly to the cryptogamia, though he will collect phanerogams. His hobby is mountaineering, and the study of Alpine Cryptogams. He has already done good service and gained much valuable experiences in the Alps of Tyrol and Norway, as well as in Greenland and Spitzbergen, and was prepared in New Zealand for all the trials and troubles of glacier and Alpine exploration. . . . The cost will be a serious matter to Dr Berggren. He proposes to devote a year to Alpine exploration in New Zealand. I should hope that the colonists will do what they can to make his sojourn as little expensive as possible.

His costs are to be borne by the University of Lund and the Academy of Sciences of Stockholm; but in Scandinavia a little money goes a long way, and our friends there have no idea of the cost of Colonial travel and living." After the reading of the extracts, the chairman suggested that the assistance of the Provincial Government should be asked. The council of the institute resolved to act on the suggestion of the chairman and communicate with government, and also take suitable steps to greet Dr Berggren on his arrival.