The following selection will suit you very well, being fine and varied, and plants could be obtained next spring at a reasonable cost: Avalanche, a fine pure white double-corolla'd variety, tube and sepals brilliant carmine scarlet; Enchantress, another very fine double white, one of the best grown; Herald, tube and sepals bright rose, corolla bright blue, changing to violet pink, good habit and very free; Lizzie Hexham, scarlet sepals, large rich plum-coloured corolla, a fine exhibition variety; Lustre, a lovely light variety, with a vivid crimson vermilion corolla; Marvel, bright carmine sepals, and a dark lavender-blue corolla, very good; Killiecrankie, crimson tube and sepals, rich dark plum-coloured corolla, extra fine; Heather Bell, white tube and sepals, lovely carmine red corolla, very pretty; Starlight, waxy-white tube and sepals, clear lake corolla, a charming variety; Catherine Parr, white tube and sepals, rich scarlet rose corolla, old, but very good; Giant, bright rose sepals, and immense double purple corolla, good habit, and very free; Taglioni, a charming light variety; Tinted Venus, a very novel and beautiful Fuchsia, the tube and sepals bright rose, the corolla white, tinted and feathered with violet rose; Venus de Medici, an old but extremely useful light variety; and Wave of Life, red tube and sepals, magenta corolla, shaded with purple, very good and showy.

Some of the foregoing are new of the last year or two, others older. Our advice to all exhibitors of the Fuchsia is to strike cuttings yearly in August and September, and grow on the plants for exhibition the following summer. Much depends on the place to keep them in during winter, but treated in this way splendid young specimens 4 feet in height can be obtained, against which many of the old plants one usually sees at horticultural exhibitions stand no chance if intelligent judges (not always the case) are selected to make the awards.