This flourishing society held its second show for the season in the Glasgow City Hall, on Wednesday, 7th June. The plants brought forward on this occasion were, taken as a whole, very meritorious examples of cultivation, especially the stove and greenhouse plants, Ferns and Orchids. Vegetables were very good, considering the late and dry character of the season. We are surprised that the west of Scotland growers do not distinguish themselves more in the way of forced fruits, which on this occasion were almost nil.

The following are the awards of the judges, who were - On plants, Mr D. Mitchell, nurseryman, Edinburgh; Mr Andrew Turnbull, Bothwell Castle, Both-well; Mr James Ollerhead, The Gardens, Killermont. Cut flowers and bouquets - Mr John Baillie, High Cross, Couperhead; Mr John Waterston, 23 Caulside, Paisley; Mr Alex. Robertson, Cornhill Coulter, by Biggar. Fruit and Vegetables - Mr William Campbell, Dunoon; Mr Thomas Lunt, Ardgowan, Greenock; Mr James Maxwell, 'Ralston House, Paisley.

Ten specimen Stove and Greenhouse Plants - 1. John Sutherland, gardener to Mr Peter Denny, Helenslee, Dumbarton; 2. James Murray, gardener to Mrs Crum, The Rouken; 3. Thomas Hogg, gardener to Mr David Tod, Iron-bank, Partick.

Five specimen Stove and Greenhouse Plants - 1. John Sutherland; 2. Wm. Boyd, Easterhill; 3. Joseph Fleming, gardener to Mr J. C. Wakefield, Eastwood Park.

Twelve Ornamental Foliage Geraniums, varieties - 1. John Ingram, gardener to Mr John Gordon, Aikenhead; 2. William Boyd.

For the most meritoriously-grown House Plant in the exhibition - James Murray.

Four fine Foliage Plants - 1. John Sutherland; 2. Joseph Fleming; 3. John M'Nab, gardener to Mr James Wilson, Trinidad Villa, Paisley Road.

Twelve Blooms Tulips - 1. George Meek, Denny; 2. Wm. Downie, Len-l.oxtown; 3. Charles Rennie, Mungo-land, Falkirk.

Three best Breeder Tulips, sorts - William Downie.

Twenty-four Blooms Roses, not less than twelve varieties - I. J. M'Leish, Blairmore; 2. Alex. Baird, Boturich Castle, Dumbartonshire; 3. "William Parlane, gardener to Major Dennis-tout), Roslea.

Twelve Blooms Roses, not less than six varieties - 1. Jas. Buchanan, gardener to Mr Alex. Miller, Busby; 2. James Graham, Garscube; 3. George Gordon, gardener to Mr John Todd, Finnich, Drymen.

For Gardeners And Amateurs

House Plants

Three House Plants in bloom, varieties - 1. A. Cameron, gardener to Mr A. B. Stewart, Rawcliffe Lodge, Lang-side; 2. John Sutherland; 3. James Murray.

Four Orchids, varieties - 1. Thomas Hogg; 2. Wm. Boyd; 3. Jas. Murray.

Three Azaleas - 1. John Sutherland; 2. H. W. Lewin, gardener to Col. Buchanan, Drumpellier; 3. Wm. Boyd.

Three Ericas, varieties - 1. Jn. Sutherland; 2. Wm. Boyd; 3. Jas. Buchanan.

Six Ornamental Foliage Geraniums, varieties - 1. Neil Campbell, gardener to Mr James Couper, Holmwood, Cath-cart; 2. Wm. Boyd.

Three Gloxinias, varieties - 1. Joseph Fleming; 2. Archibald Chapman, gardener to Mr John Goldie, Violet Bank, Langside; 3. Alex. Walker, gardener to Mr Thos. Hill, Merrylee, Cathcart.

Six Ferns, distinct varieties - 1. John Sutherland; 2. Thomas Hogg, and John M'Quater, gardener to Mr Andrew Ban-natyne, Millheugh, Blantyre - equal.

One specimen Tree Fern - 1. John Sutherland; 2. John M'Nab; 3. A. Cameron.

Three Roses, in pot and bloom - Alex. Walker.

Three Calceolarias, varieties - H. W. Lewin.

Two Geraniums, varieties - 1. James Buchanan; 2. Alex. Walker.

Two Geraniums, varieties - James Buchanan.

Three Achimenes, varieties - Archibald Chapman.

Cut Flowers

Twenty-four Blooms Pansies, varieties - 1. Thos. Findlay, Mauchline; 2. Robert Hetherington, gardener to Mr Thos. Brown, Lanfine, Newmilns, Ayrshire; 3. Andrew Brown, Deans, Cam-buslang.

Twelve Trusses Hardy Rhododen-drons, varieties - 1. Wm. Boyd; 2. Wm. Birrell, gardener to Mr James Hunter, Hafton; 3. Robert Hetherington.

Six Trusses Hardy Rhododendrons, varieties - 1. James Mitchell, gardener to Mr Colin Campbell, Colgrain, Camis Eskan; 2. William Boyd; 3. Robert Wilson, gardener to Mr C. R. Dunlop, Walkinshaw.

Six breeder Tulips - Wm. Downie.

Six Hardy Herbaceous Border, cut flowers, varieties - 1. Wm. Boyd; 2. James Cornock, gardener to Mr E. J. Jones, Dalmonach, Bonhill; 3. Matthew Miller, gardener to Mr Thomas Leadbetter, Alderbank, Bothwell.


A Table Bouquet - 1. Peter Fox, Victoria Gardens; 2. James M. Ramsay, Helensburgh; 3. Robert Taylor, gardener to Capt. Stirling Stewart, Castle-milk.

A Hand Bouquet - 1. Robert Arroll, gardener,Helensburgh; 2. Jas. Ramsay; 3. Robert Taylor.


Two bunches Grapes - Wm. Kirk-patrick, gardener, Airthrey Castle.


Twenty-five Asparagus - 1. Robert Wilson; 2. Thomas Walker, gardener to Col. Hozier, Tannochside; 3. Wm. Kirkpatrick.

Two Cucumbers - 1. H. W. Lewin; 2. William Birrell; 3. Robert Hetherington.

Six stalks Rhubarb - 1. James S. Ritchie, Denny; 2. Jas. Watson, gardener to Mrs Brown, Holmfauldhead, Govan; 3. Robert Wilson.

Twenty-four pods Peas - 1. Matthew Miller; 2. Thomas Walker; 3. Robert Wilson.

Two heads Cauliflower - Rob. Wilson.

Two heads Cabbage - 1. John M'Gregor, gardener to Mr William Hinshaw, Barrochan; 2. Wm. Boyd; 3. James Graham.

Six Turnips - 1. Thomas Walker; 2. Alexander Baird; 3. John M'Gregor.

Six Carrots - 1. John M'Gregor; 2. Matthew Miller; 3. Thomas Walker.

Three Lettuces - 1. William Kirkpatrick; 2. Thomas Walker; 3. William Boyd.

One pot Parsley, single plant - Andrew M'Lachlan, gardener, Dun-gourney House, Greenock.

Twelve Potatoes - 1. "William Boyd; 2. Thomas Walker; 3. Matthew Miller.

Best Early Melon - 1. James Oiler-head, Killermont; 2. Andrew M'Lachlan.

For Amateurs

House Plants

Three House Plants, varieties - 1. James Walker, Rutherglen; 2. William Robertson, Albert Gardens; 3. William Wright, Annfield Cottage, Airdrie.

Two Greenhouse Plants, varieties - 1. James Walker; 2. William Wright; 3. William Robertson.

One Fuchsia - 1. James F. Mills, Hutchesontown Gardens; 2. John Marshall, Parkhead; 3. Alexander Marshall, Parkhead.

Six Ornamental Foliage Geraniums - 1. Thomas Stobo, Hutchesontown Gardens; 2. Peter Fox, Victoria Gardens; 3. David Coghill, Hutchesontown Gardens.

Two Geraniums - 1. James F. Mills; 2. Thomas Stobo; 3. Peter Fox.

Two Geraniums, stage or fancy - 1. Peter Fox; 2. James F. Mills.

One fine Foliage Plant - 1. William Wright; 2. Peter Fox; 3. William Robertson.

Two Roses, in pot and bloom - 1. R. Cameron, Stewarton; 2. Peter Fox.

Cut Flowers

Twelve Blooms Pansies, varieties - 1. Thomas Findlay; 2. Andrew Brown; 3. John B. Hunter, Rutherglen.

Six Hardy Herbaceous border cut flowers, varieties - 1. William Currie, Thornbank, Both well; 2. Robert Goodwin, Kirkintilloch; 3. James Walker.

Six Blooms Roses, varieties - J. M'Leish.


A Hand Bouquet - 1. George Bain-bridge, Rutherglen; 2. Walter Bruce, Hutchesontown Gardens; 3. Joseph Harris, Rutherglen.


Six stalks Rhubarb - 1. James S. Ritchie; 2. R. Cameron; 3. Robert Scott, Boat House, Uddingston.

One pot Parsley, single plant - John Marshall, Parkhead.


Mr William Dickson, The Gardens, Ferguslie, collection of plants, filling a table 20 by 6 feet, received the highest commendation.

Mr Joseph Fleming, gardener to Mr J. C. Wakefield, Eastwood Park - a collection of Gloxinias - highly commended.

Mr John Young, assistant secretary, Edinburgh Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society - seedling Geranium; recommended to be shown again.

Mr James Orr, Ladyburn, Greenock - seedling yellow ground Pansy - first-class certificate.

Collection from Mr James Robertson, florist, Ingram Street - commended; three erect seedling Gloxinias - first-class certificate.

Mr James Ollerhead, Killermont - collection of stove and greenhouse plants - commended.

Mr Matthew Henderson, Ardrossan - stand of Ranunculus - commended.