Two fine shows, the latter the best - plenty of flowers, and these generally good; the season duly regarded. Rose exhibitions are always great successes if the weather be at all favourable; people will visit a Rose show who don't care to go to any other. Floreat Regina Florum! This is how the nurserymen's prizes were awarded at the Crystal Palace with single trusses of seventy-two varieties: - Mr Turner took the first place with excellent examples of Leopold Hausburg, Charles Rouillard, Princess Mary of Cambridge, Marie Baumann, Victor Ver-dier, Madlle. Therese Levet, Dr Andry, Marguerite Dombrain, Gloire de Dijon, Geudral Jacqueminot, Madame Boll, Madame Vidot, Senateur Vaisse, Monsieur Boucenne, La France, Jean Goujon, Madame Willermoz, Triomphe de Caen, Maurice Bernardin, Horace Vernet, Abel Grand, Felix Genero, quite a rosy-violet globe; Due de Magenta, yellow; Miss Ingram, Jules Margottin, Prince Camille de Rohan, very fine; Mare'chal Niel, splendid; Madame Furtado, Madame Victor Verdier, Camille Bernardin, Rubens, Gloire de Ducher, very large, but coarse-looking; John Hopper, Exposition de Brie, Lord Raglan, splendid; General Castellane, and others.

Messrs Paul & Son, who were second, had also a fine collection, in which the following were noticeable - viz., Souvenir de Monsieur Boll, Madame Furtado, Maurice Bernardin, Victor Verdier, Madame Charles Wood, Antoine Ducher, John Hopper, Duke of Edinburgh, a most splendid scarlet Rose, which was seen in great perfection in other collections, and attracted much attention; Francois Treyve, Abel Grand, Madame Rivers, Joseph Fiala, Xavier Olibo, and others already named. Mr Mitchell of Piltdown, was third; Mr Keynes of Salisbury, fourth; and an extra prize was awarded to Messrs Francis of Hertford.

The next class was for forty-eights, three trusses, and in it Messrs Paul & Son were first with a rich display, conspicuous in which were trusses of Duke of Edinburgh, Francois Lacharme, Charles Rouillard, Pierre Notting, Exposition de Brie, Mdlle. Theiese Levet, Vicomtesse de Vezins, Dr Andry, Madame Julie Daran, Madame Furtado, splendid; Prince Camille de Rohan, Madame Clemence Joig-neaux, Michel Bonnet, very bright; Maurice Bernardin, Victor Verdier, Madame Rivers, Olivier Delhomme, Antoine Ducher, Achille Gonod. Mr Turner came in second with Dr Andry, Charles Lefebvre, Madame Charles Crapelet, Camille Bernardin, Marie Baumann, Jules Margottin, Louise de Savoie, Alfred Colomb, Paul Verdier, Thorin, Prince Camille de Rohan, Senateur Visse, Lord Raglan, fine in colour; Pierre Notting, La France, Exposition de Brie, John Hopper, and Princess Mary of Cambridge. Mr Keynes, who was third, showed good trusses of Marguerite de St Amand, and others; while Mr Mitchell, who was fourth, had splendid trusses of Marechel Niel, which was everywhere good, and Lamarque.

The next class was for twenty-four varieties, three trusses. Here Messrs Paul & Son took the lead with excellent stands, containing John Hopper, Charles Rouil-ard, Dr Andry, Madame Rivers, Madame Willermoz, Madame Clemence Joigneaux, Duke of Edinburgh, splendid; Prince Camille de Rohan, Madame H. Jacquin, Madame Charles Wood, Mdlle. Therese Levet, Charles Lefebvre, Marguerite de St Amand, Victor Verdier, splendid; La France, and Devoniensis. Mr Turner was second with Miss Ingram, Marie Baumann, Louise de Savoie, very fine; Madlle. Therese Appert, Princess Mary of Cambridge, Souvenir de Comte Cavour, Gloire de Dijon, Voctor Verdier, Charles Lefebvre, and several of those already named, in excellent condition. Mr Keynes, who was third, had also fine trusses. At the Royal Horticultural Society's Show the Trade awards were as follows: -

In the class for seventy-two single trusses, Messrs Paul & Son took the first prize, with a splendid collection, in which the following were especially fine: - Leopold Hausburg, Marie Baumann, Madame Fillion, Antoine Ducher, Le Rhone, Mareehal Vaillant, Prince de Porcia, Pierre Notting, Senateur Vaisse, Jean Cherpin, Beauty of Waltham, Marie Rady, Centifolia rosea, Xavier Olibo, Duchesse de Cay-lus, Duke of Edinburgh, Mareehal Niel, Monsieur Noman, Madame Furtado, and La Fontaine. Mr Turner came second, with, amongst others, good examples of Triomphe de Caen, Maurice Bernardin, Dr Andry, Prince Camille de Rohan, Marie Baumann Narcisse, Antoine Ducher, General Jacqueminot, Souvenir de Comte Cavour, Napoleon III., Madame Fillion, Horace Vernet, and Madame Chas. Wood. Mr Keynes, who was third, had in his collection fine specimens of Gloire de Vitry, Lord Macaulay, Fisher Holmes, Comtesse de Chabrillant, General Jacqueminot, Marie Baumann, Duke of Wellington, Madame Fillion, etc. Messrs Francis & Co., Hertford, were fourth.

In the class for three trusses of forty-eight varieties, Messrs Paul & Son again came first with good illustrations of well-known kinds, Mr Keynes was second, Mr Turner third, and Messrs E. P. Francis & Co. were fourth.

In the class for twenty-four Hybrid Perpetuals, three trusses of each, the first prize was taken by Messrs Paul & Son, who furnished fine trusses of Marguerite de St Amand, Beauty of Waltham, Jean Cherpin, Baroness Rothschild, Monsieur Noman, Senateur Vaisse, Marie Baumann, Madame Rivers, Dr Andry, La France, Madame Therese, Levet, Marguerite Dombrain, Lord Clyde, Autoine Ducher, etc. Mr Turner came second with good blooms of Exposition de Brie, Marie Baumann, President Willermoz, Imperatrice Eugenie, Paul Verdier, Duke of Wellington, Victor Verdier, Antoine Ducher, Horace Vernet, Monsieur Noman, Madame C. Joigneaux, John Hopper, and Charles Lefebvre, in this collection; Mr Keynes was third, and Mr J. Cranston, Hereford, was fourth; and to Mr Fraser, Lea Bridge, an extra prize was awarded. Mr H. Coppin, Shirley, Croydon, also exhibited in this class.

In the class for single trusses of twenty-four varieties the first prize was awarded to Mr B. R. Cant, Colchester, with, amongst others, admirable blooms of La Ville de St Denis, Marie Baumann, La Duchesse de Moray, Celine Forestier, Madame Bravy, Mare'ehal Vaillant, Marechal Niel, Xavier Olibo, Baronne de Rothschild, Madame Willermoz, Le Rhone, Duke of Wellington, Duchesse de Caylus, Madame Vidot. Mr Keynes was second, Mr Turner stood third, and Mr Cranston, King's Acre, Hereford, was fourth. Mr H. Coppin, and Mr J. Mann, Brentwood, also showed fair collections.

In so far as the amateur growers were concerned, they made the best display at the Royal Horticultural Gardens. At the Crystal Palace the flowers were wanting in that fine substance and quality they appeared to have reached at South Kensington. Alas! at neither place was there seen this season the patient face of that prince of amateur Rose-cultivators, Mr J. T. Hedge, Reed Hall, Colchester. It is said he is so severely ill that grave doubts are expressed if he will aver be restored to health. It may be briefly stated that the varieties exhibited by amateur growers were only repetitions of those flowers that had appeared in the nurserymen's classes.

The classes for Tea, Noisette, and Moss Roses brought those flowers usually seen in them. Of the former, the best were Marechal Niel, Devoniensis, Gloire de Dijon, Celine Forestier, Safranot, Madame Falcot, Triomphe de Rennes, Cloth-of-Gold, and Rubens.

Of new Roses, those most to be commended were Baronne Haussmann, Baroness Rothschild, Coquette des Alpes, Duke of Edinburgh, Elie Morel, La France, Madame Alice Dureau, Madame Marie Cirodde, Madame Noman, Pitord, and Reine du Midi.