You may inarch Vines by placing old wood to old wood, young wood to old wood, or young wood to young wood. In the latter case, the wood should be pretty firm. Place the plants to be united close together, then with a sharp knife take a slice off each, not quite into the pith; place the wounds together - two of the edges of which should be exactly together - then bind them firmly together with matting, and let them remain so for two months, at the end of which time the union should be formed. The matting may then be removed and retied slacker, to allow the wood to expand. No clay is necessary, and ninety-nine out of every hundred should form a perfect union. The Duchess of Buccleuch makes a good stock.

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Sow your Alpine Strawberry-seed in February, in boxes, in a temperature of 55° to 60°, and as soon as they can be handled prick them off in frame, or handglasses 2 inches apart each way. About the middle of May transplant them with balls on to good well-worked soil, and they will bear a crop in September and October of the same year, and the following year will be most prolific. The best is the Scarlet Alpine. The way to prepare Strawberry-seed for sowing is to wash away all the pulp from the seed; dry it, and keep it in a dry place till spring.