Sir, - I have read with interest your observations on the cultivation of Iresine Herbstii, but I fear many may follow out your directions and still make but a sorry display. I have carefully watched the attempts made by men, eminent for their abilities as gardeners both in public and private gardens, but I have never yet seen this plant do justice to the care bestowed upon it in a fine neighbourhood, whatever care may be given to it. It is a sorry production in all the outdoor attempts about Loudon. I was detained for an hour at Ashford, in Kent, this summer, and availed myself of the opportunity of going over Messrs Bun-yards' garden. There I saw Iresine Herbstii in very great beauty. There was every advantage of soil and clear atmosphere: the colour was most lovely, and the form satisfactory. I could hardly recognise it as the same plant which I had seen when the locality did not suit. I should suspect that this plant, like Coleus Verschaffeltii, would be benefited by the check which plunging in a small pot affords.

Admiring the plant much, I feel that, not having an open and clear atmosphere, I can do nothing with it even under your able instructions.

27th November 1868. Down South.