This is a very decided improvement on I. Herb-stii, being of a brighter colour and much better habit; less lumpy and ungraceful-like, from its being dwarfer, more twiggy in growth, and from the more pleasing outline in shape of its leaves, which are acuminate or taper-pointed. "When sent out, we got a character with it of much more hardiness than I. Herbstii; we think it slightly more hardy, but not much. It has the same liking for moisture and rich soil, is as easily propagated, requires intermediate heat to keep it safely over the winter, and tobacco-smoke to keep it free from greenfly. More than likely it will supersede I. Herbstii. It bears pinching well for edging, and for dotting in light groundwork of such as Pyrethrum Golden Feather (a most useful plant, likely in great measure to cause a decrease in the number of Cloth-of-Gold and Golden Chain Pelargoniums) and Allysum variegatum, etc. Excellent also for con-trasting-lines to yellow Calceolarias, Centaurea Ragusina, Cineraria maritima, and C. acanthafolia.