The following Fuchsias will suit you: - Blue Boy, Mrs Marshall, Lustre, Empress, Grand Cross, Roderick Dhu, Brilliantissima, Regalia, Neptune, Warrior, Starlight, and Blauchett. The following Pelargoniums: - Archbishop (Foster's), Charles Turner (Hoyle's), Empress (Foster's), Emperor (Foster's), Example (Hoyle's), Hermit (Foster's), King of Trumps (Foster's), Needle-Gun (Hoyle's), Rob Roy (Foster's), Soeur de Charite (Foster's), Sunbeam (Hoyle's), Victor (Hoyle's). And the following "Fancies": - Beatrice, Edgar, Ellen, Madame Vilda, Mrs Paxton Jervis, Mirella, Silver Mantle, Silvia, Tormentor, Undine, Virundiere, and Victor Hugo, all raised by Turner. These can all be had under the price you name. Of greenhouse plants there are but few that flower in August and September. Keeping off those you refer to, get Statice profusa, S. Holfordii, Lilium uratum, L. Chalcedonicum, L. giganteum, and L. longiflorum. We have no more showy greenhouse flowering-plants for the autumn months than Lilium.