I have two fine bushy plants of Kalmia latifolia that have never shown bloom since they left the nursery seven years ago. I have grown them in peat along with Rhododendrons, which do well with me. Can you advise me of any compost or treatment that will induce them to bloom? A reply in your December number will greatly oblige. Ballinasloe.

[The non - blooming of Kalmia latifolia must, I think, be caused by a too vigorous growth - most likely the climate is very moist and genial just at the time the shoot - growth should be ripened, and instead of flower - buds being formed, the energies of the plants go to form a second wood-growth. If this be the case, a copious addition of sand to well - drained peat-earth may be made, and placed about the roots of the plants; and if they do not then set their flowers, I would further advise that they be replanted every season, reducing the balls of earth.slightly: or another plan might be tried, of lifting the plants and leaving them for a day or two upon the ground, about the months of July and August, just as the shoots have made a few inches of growth, and show indications of the rest-period being about to commence. - Charles Noble, Sunningdale Nursery, Bagshot].

Kalmia Latifolia #1

A beautiful shrub that forces well. We find it very useful for cutting from all the winter, having several lots coming in at intervals. The same soil and treatment suit it as was recommended for the Rhododendron. When spring frosts are gone, plant it out of the pots in a rich soil, rather free, where, by attending to them with water when required, they will make good growths with blooms for another season. They should be all lifted and potted before very severe weather sets in, and placed in cold frames, ready to be drafted to the forcing-pit as required. A. H.