During last summer the public attention was drawn to the large flights of these little insects that appeared in many parts of England, and especially the attention of horticulturists, many of whom, from a close observation of their habits, came to the conclusion, that as destroyers of the green aphis their services would be invaluable. The writer of this paragraph himself put their uses in this respect to the test, and found that in every case when placed upon plants infested with green-fly, the Ladybirds made a complete clearance of the pest. Bearing this experience in mind, he has this season already commenced to be a ladybird-catcher; and as they are even now to be found in considerable abundance on warm sunny days, the task of gathering these useful insects is not one of great difficulty. As fast as they are collected they are placed in the greenhouse amongst the plants, especially around the Calceolarias and Cinerarias, and the writer hopes thereby to keep the pest of green-fly entirely under.

Will any one else attempt the same experiment, and, as I intend to do myself, duly report progress in the 'Gardener' A. D.