To afford a late supply of these, the north walls and borders will be found of great service. The former, in our case, are in possession of a moderately high north wall, and the buttresses and spaces midway between Plums and other trees on north-west and east walls - in each instance yielding heavily. By covering some of these with mats early in September, the fruit can be kept till late in the season. Ruby Castle is the most suitable variety for the purpose. Gooseberries are sometimes trained to north walls, having all lateral growth kept spurred back similar to the Red Currants; but however well they may succeed, they are not very remunerative, especially seeing the fruit hangs as long on protected bush-trees. The Red Warrington and Sulphur are well adapted for a late border, these being of good habit - cropping heavily, late keepers, and good dessert sorts. Of Strawberries we have had capital late supplies from a north-west border; the varieties being President, Sir Charles Napier, Dr Hogg, and Eleanor. Sir C. Napier was much damaged in the open last winter, but escaped comparatively uninjured in the cooler position.

W. Iggulden.