Like your correspondent W. H., I have grown Cineraria in large quantities from seed some years, but never saw the maggot he speaks of until last year, when it bored its way through the inside of almost every leaf, making a sort of irregular white-looking network. Sometimes I found three or four at work on one leaf - in fact, for fear they should get on the other plants, I was obliged to cut what flowers were out, and throw the plants away. Notwithstanding this precaution, they attacked the leaves of the Chrysanthemums in the same manner just before flowering, which necessitated the removal of all leaves infested, much to the injury of the plants, both in appearance and flowering. I have about sixty plants of Cinerarias just coming into flower this year, but I have not seen anything of the maggot yet.

If, through the medium of your very practical journal, any means of destroying this pest without injury to the plant can be given, it will much oblige, yours respectfully, Amateur.