Attend to the impregnation of late crops, and do not let the shoots and foliage become crowded. Expose ripening fruits to all the sun possible, and do not let the soil become very dry before they are quite ripe. See that crops swelling off are well supplied with water in bright weather. An occasional good soaking is preferable to more frequent light waterings. It is a good practice to cover the surface of the soil with manure as soon as the crop is set.

Melon Forcing #1

Keep fruit that have got to the ripening stage well exposed to sun and air, and rather drier at the root, but not to such an extent as will cause the plants to suffer before the fruit are ripe. Keep the night temperature at 70°. Plants swelling off crops may be watered with manure-water; but be careful not to over-water at this season when the fruit are full-sized, or they may burst. The best way is to mulch the surface of the soil, to prevent its drying so often. Fire-heat at night will now be necessary for Melons in all stages, to prevent the temperature from sinking below 70°.

Melon Forcing #2

Late crops will now require more assistance from fire-heat, and the temperature should be 70°, and when ripening, warmth and dryness of atmosphere are indispensable to the development of flavour; and While the plants must not be allowed to suffer for want of water, it requires to be supplied in much less quantity. Melons ripening this month can be kept longer in good condition than in summer.