The Committee of this Society met in St James's Hall on January 3, in order to form their Schedule for the present year. It was decided to hold another Autumn Show at the Palace, and also to offer prizes for neglected Florists' Flowers during the present year. The following prizes to be offered for Auriculas at the meeting of the Royal Horticultural Society, April 19: -

6 Auriculas, distinct in pots (amateurs), 40s., 20s., 10s. 1 Green-edged Auricula (open class), 7s. 6d., 5s., 2s. 6d. 1 Grey-edged do. do. do.

1 White-edged do. do. do.

1 Self do. do. do.

At the meeting on July 19 -

12 Cut blooms, Carnations (amateurs), 30s., 20s., 10s. 12 Cut blooms, Picotees, do. do.

At the Crystal Palace in May the following first prizes are offered, the second and third to be given by the Palace Company: - 36 Pansies, cut blooms (open), 40s. 24 Pansies, cut blooms (amateurs), 40s. 12 Fancy or Belgian Pansies (open), 20s. 36 Tulips, dissimilar (open), 40s. 12 Tulips, dissimilar (amateurs), 40s.

At the June Show, if the Palace Company decide to hold one - 24 Pinks, cut blooms (open), 40s. 12 Pinks, cut blooms (amateurs), 30s. 24 Ranunculus blooms (open), 30s. 12 Ranunculus blooms (amateurs), 20s. J. D.

P.S. - Further information can be obtained by applying to the Hon. Sec, Rev. H. H. Dombrain, Westwell Vicarage, Ashford, Kent.

The following report was read to the meeting: - "In submitting their first report, the Committee desire to express their satisfaction at the Success which has already attended their efforts, and they cannot but hope that an undertaking so auspiciously commenced will be carried on with energy and vigour. They have long felt that the flowers which they specially desire to encourage have not of late years received that attention which they merited, and that the complaints made of the decline of the taste for Florists' Flowers were only so far true in that they were not brought forward as in former days, and that it needed only liberal encouragement to show that they were still as much in favour as ever. No flower had, for example, been more persistently run down than the Dahlia, as if it were now utterly out of date, yet few who saw it will readily forget the wonderful sight of upwards of two thousand blooms exhibited at their show at the Crystal Palace; and if the efforts of the Committee be only seconded, as they hope to see them, they anticipate a complete revival of Floriculture properly so called.

"Their movements for the ensuing year must depend greatly on the amount of support they obtain; it is their wish not only to hold the Autumn Show at the Crystal Palace, but also to offer prizes for the other flowers named in their prospectus at some of the metropolitan exhibitions, and they therefore earnestly appeal to all lovers of Florists' Flowers to support them: they have already received numerous promises of aid, and will be glad to receive the names of any gentlemen who may wish to become members, and also any offer of special prizes, as has already been done in the case of Dahlias".

[We have pleasure in publishing this report, and in indicating the prospective operations of the Society. We wish it all success in reviving a taste for these grand Florists' Flowers. - Ed].

Metropolitan Floral Society #1

We are much gratified to learn that the committee of this Society intend holding several exhibitions this year; and from the marked success of last year, there is little doubt but that it will be well supported. There was no question as to its being a medium for exhibitors much required, as the great number sending productions fully proved. According to the schedule of prizes now before us for the ensuing year, no one can find fault with the liberal amounts offered; and what will please many is that some of our neglected but most beautiful florists' flowers are laudably included in the list. This we cannot help thinking is, indeed, a step in the right direction. Who amongst us but remembers the delighted groups that used to surround the stands of Carnations, Pinks, Dahlias, etc, in years gone by? - but there has of late years been a sad falling off among these old favourites. But we think - as we have reason to know many others do - that such liberal and energetic measures as the Metropolitan Floral Society are using, and the cordial co-operation of florists in general, will once more raise our old favourites to their proper place at our exhibitions.

We think it will not be out of place if we venture to name some of the best varieties of the different florists' flowers that we know possess every qualification for exhibition purposes.



Smith's Lycurgus, Lee's Colonel Taylor, Page's Champion, Hudson's Apollo, Headly's Conductor, Traill's General Neill.


Headly's George Lightbody, Cheetham's Lancashire Hero, Turner's Competitor, Lightbody's Richard Headly, Turner's Ensign, Turner's Colonel Champneys.


Heap's Smiling Beauty, Taylor's Favourite, Lee's Earl Gros-venor, Taylor's Glory, Campbell's Robert Burns, Cheetham's Countess of Wilton.


Netherwood's Othello, Martin's Mrs Sturrock, Turner's Cheerfulness, Sim's Eliza, Spalding's Blackbird, Turner's Webster.


Scarlet Bizarres

Daniel's Dreadnought, Paxley's William Pitt, Holliday's Lord Rancliffe, Bunn's Lord Lewisham.

Crimson Bizarres

Wood's Rifleman, Kirtland's Colonel North, Wood's Anthony Dennis, Wood's Eccentric Jack.

Pink And Purple Bizarres

May's Falconbridge, Paxley's Shakespeare, Sealey's -Princess-Boyal, Young's Twyford Perfection.

Purple Flakes

Foster's Dr Foster, Taylor's True Blue, Sealey's Florence Nightingale, Elliott's Earl Stamford.

Scarlet Flakes

Gibbon's Mr Battersby, Jackson's Annihilator, Wood's William Cowper, Hedderly's Sportsman.

Rose Flakes

May's King John, Brook's Flora's Garland, Whitehead's John Keet, Wood's James Merryweather.



Fellowes's Linda, Elkington's Exhibition, Kirtland's Lord Valentia, Norman's Colonel Clerk, Taylor's Miss Turner, Taylor's Forester, Turner's Mrs Reynolds Hole, Norman's Mrs Norman.


Turner's Admiration, Simmonite's Mary, Simmonite's Mrs Summers, Read's Frances, Fellowes's Nimrod, Turner's Jessie, Simmonite's Ganymede, Turner's Lady Elcho.


Kirtland's Empress Eugenie, Payne's Purity, Wood's Mrs Rollings, Taylor's Mrs Fisher, Gibbon's Gem of Roses, Fellowes's Pauline, Norman's Miss Williams, Taylor's Lucy.


Turner's Eustace, Turner's Mildred, Turner's Blondin, Turner's Bertram, Turner's Sebastian, Turner's Sabina, Turner's Maude, Hooper's Attraction, Maclean's Device, Battersby's Emily, Kirtland's Invincible, Turner's Lord Herbert, Turner's Marion, Kirtland's Rev. Geo. Jeans, Hooper's Victory, Turner's Edwin, Harris's Excelsior, Harris's Genevieve, Turner's President, Maclean's John Ball, Hooper's Lady Craven, Haclean's Annie, Maclean's Constance, Turner's Cristabel. John Ball.

[We gladly give these remarks and lists a place in our pages, as we desire to aid in reviving a taste for these now rather neglected beauties. - Ed].