These are lovely and very popular spring flowers. M. moschatum is too late in flowering to be fit to recommend as a spring flower, but any mention of the genus would be incomplete were it left unnoticed, on account of its delicious fragrance. M. botryoides cornosum, and its monstrous form known as the Feather Hyacinth, and M. racemosum, are the best known, and are indispensable ornaments of the garden in spring; but the handsomest of the genus is M. Szovitzianum. It is nearest in general character to racemosum, but is greatly superior to it in colour, and is also neater in foliage and habit. It is blue, but such an unapproachable blue as I have never met with in any other flower. It is a very scarce plant, but should be added to every collection of choice things.