The immense array of distinct species and varieties of Rhododendrons now in cultivation renders the selection of a moderate number, particularly to those who are unacquainted with them, a task of no little difficulty; and with the view of assisting such, we have arranged the following list in groups, according to their colours. It is necessary to remark, however, that while all we have noted are really fine, and can be recommended as hardy late-flowering sorts, they by no means embrace the whole, or even a tithe, of those that are worthy of cultivation; on the contrary, it would be easy to extend our list far beyond the space at our disposal, and to name many others in each group equally deserving. It is therefore to be regarded rather as representative than as exhaustive, from which a beginner may cull a good nucleus for the formation of a first-rate collection, blooming in ordinary seasons from the end of May till the middle of June.

1st - White And Light-Coloured Varieties

Album elegans - Blush, nearly white; tall erect habit. Album grandiflorum - "White, green eye, tall grower. Amethystine - Blush, tipped with puce, yellow eye. Blanc superb - Fine white, dwarf bushy habit, free flowerer. Candidissimum - White, edged with the palest rose, broad yellow spot. Chancellor - White, large truss, yellow eye. Coriacea - Pure white, dwarf habit, fine foliage. Delicatum - French white, maroon spots. Duchess of Cambridge - Fine white, yellow spots. Evelyn - Pure white, large fine-shaped truss. Empress Eugenie - Waxy white, black spots. Hester - Fine white, large truss. Jean Stern - White, spotted with crimson. Lady Godiva - White, yellow spots, large compact truss.

Lorenzo - White, bold yellow eye. Minnie - White, very striking blotch of chocolate spots; large conical truss; remains a long time in bloom. Mont Blanc - Pure white, dwarf bushy habit. Mrs Hemans - Light, yellow spots. Mrs John Glutton - Clear white, fine form. Mrs Standish - Pure white, yellow spots, large truss. Mrs Tom Agnew - Pure white, lemon blotch. Multimaculatum - White, red spots; the truss rather loose, but a distinct and pleasing old variety. Rachel - White, light yellow eye. Ruth - Blush white, finely spotted. Stanwellianum album - Pure white, dwarf bushy habit, fine foliage, and a very free bloomer. The Queen - Very light mauve, changing to pure white; large compact truss; fine substance. Zuleika - Delicate blush, a pleasing variety.

2d - Lilac And Purple Varieties

Black-Eyed Susan - Light purple, heavy dark blotch.

Catawbiense - Light purple, a well-known species, hardy, and free-blooming.

Cyanum - Purplish lilac.

Erestium - Dark purple. Everestianum - Violet, pale green spot, compact truss; the florets beautifully fringed. Fastuosum pleno - Lilac, large truss of double flowers, remains long in bloom.

Fumosum - Dark purple, strongly marked with dark spots.

Grace Darling - Pale lilac, intense dark spots.

Grandis - Lilac, dark spots.

Leopardi - Clear lilac, the whole of the bloom covered with red spots.

Lucidum - Purplish lilac, brown spots.

Maculatum nigrum - Dark purple.

Maculatum purpureum - Light purple, heavy black blotch.

Nereus - Deep purple, dark spots. Nero - Rich bright purple, large truss. Purpurea magnifica (Rembrandt) - Deep purple, fine bold truss. Sir Thomas Siebright - Rich purple, bronze blotch. Schiller - Bluish purple, dark spots. The Autocrat - Fine purple, dark blotch. Vervaneanum - Lilac, double flower.

3d - Rosy And Crimson Purple Varieties

Alaric (Augustus) - Purplish crimson or plum.

Atilla - Deep claret purple.

Auguste Van Geert - Light rosy purple, brown spots.

Blatteum (Sir Isaac Newton) - Claret crimson, large truss.

Currieanum - Rosy lilac, spotted, compact truss.

Faust - Rosy lilac.

Genseric - Purplish crimson.

Joseph Whitworth - Dark purple lake, black spots, large truss.

Melanthauma - Purplish crimson.

Murillo - Rosy purple.

Ne plus ultra (Londonense) - Lilac purple, finely shaded. Old Port - Rich plum. Omar Pacha - Dark purplish lake. Pardolatan - Rosy lilac, finely spotted. Prince Albert - Rich lake, large shining foliage. Queen Victoria - Claret, a very free flowerer. Stamfordianum - Claret, black blotch. Tamerlane - Dark maroon, large truss. The Maroon - Chocolate, fine form. Tippo Sahib - Very dark chocolate. William Downing - Dark puce, blotch of dark spots.

4th - Bicolors, Or Varieties With The Florets Margined With A Distinct Colour From The Throat

Alarm - White centre, margined with scarlet. Brayanum - Rosy scarlet, light centre. Bylsianum - White centre, margined with deep pink. Claude - White centre, margined with lake. Concessum - Light centre, margined with bright rose. Duchess of Sutherland - White, broad margin of rosy lilac. Floretta - White, broad margin of cerise.

Galbanum - Light, rosy crimson margin.

Helen Waterer - Pure white, margined with crimson.

Henry Bohn - Pale, margined with rosy crimson.

John Spencer - Rose, margined with deep pink.

Limbatum - Pale blush, edged with crimson.

Mrs John Penn - Salmon, edged with lake.

Niege et Cerise - Satiny white, margined with red.

5th - Light Pink And Rose

Albion - Rose, fine form. Amazon - Delicate pink. Cato - Rosy blush, finely spotted. Distinction - Rosy crimson, darker spots. Duke of Norfolk - Clear rose. Erectum - Deep pink. Fanny - Delicate rose. Flora - Rosy blush. Geranoides - Rose, very dark spots. Giganteum - Bright rose, large truss. Gulnare - Pale pink. Ingomar - Deep rose. Lady Armstrong - Pale rose, much spotted.

Lady Eleanor Cathcart - Clear rose, finely spotted.

Lady Emily Peel - Bright rose, blotched with chocolate.

Lord John Russell - Pale rose, dark blotch on upper petal.

Metaphor - Rose, fine form.

Paxtonii - Bright rose, chocolate spots.

Sir Charles Napier - Rose, finely spotted.

Towardii - Rose, spotted.

Prince Camille de Rohan - Pink, dense crimson spots.

6th - Dark Scarlet And Crimson

Alexander Adie - Brilliant rosy scarlet, fine truss. Atrosanguineum - Intense blood-red. Blandyauum - Dark crimson. Brayanum - Vivid scarlet. Caractacus - Rich crimson. Cephalus - Dark crimson, black spots. Charles Dickens - Dark scarlet, fine foliage. Comet - Fiery crimson. Decorator - Clear bright scarlet. Dictator - Dark crimson. Duke of Cambridge - Cerise, black spots. Earl of Shannon - Rich crimson. Fleur de Marie - Rosy crimson. Francis Dickson - Brilliant scarlet. Gemmatum - Bright scarlet. General Canrobert - Dark scarlet. Guido - Deep crimson. Hector - Bright crimson. Ignescens - Bright scarlet. James Bateman - Clean rosy scarlet. John Waterer - Scarlet, fine substance. Juba - Fine crimson.

Lord Brougham - Crimson.

Lord Clyde - Deep blood-colour.

Lord Granville - Clear cerise.

Meridian - Dark crimson, black blotch.

Michael Waterer - Bright scailet crimson.

Mrs Fitzgerald - Bright rosy scarlet.

Mrs John Waterer - Bright crimson, spotted, very fine.

Ornamentum - Bright rosy scarlet.

Ornatum - Dark scarlet.

Poussin - Crimson.

President Van den Hecke - Crimson, finely spotted.

Satanella - Rosy red, fine.

Sidney Herbert - Bright carmine, dark blotch.

Sir Robert Peel - Brilliant rosy crimson.

The Bouncer - Scarlet crimson, dark eye.

The Grand Arab - (Vesuvius) brilliant crimson.

The Warrior - Bright rosy scarlet.

William Cowper - Bright scarlet.

7th - Sorts With Dwarf Habit Of Growth, Suitable For Rockwork, Small Borders, Or Edging For Clumps

Arbutifolium - Lilac. Chamœcistus - Pale pink. Ferrugineum - Rose. Gemniferum - Pink. Govenianum - Pale pink, scented. Hirsutum - Deep rose.

Hirsutum variegatum - Deep rose. Hybridum - Light rose. Myrtifolium - Lilac. Odoratum - Pale rose, scented. Waterer's hybrid - Rosy lilac. Wilsonianum - Rosy lilac.

Hugh Fraser.