In reply to one who signs himself "Respect for the Under-Gardener," I may mention that the gardener did not "board" me. Can any one in their right senses suppose that he would do so for two or even three shillings per week, and give me instructions at the same time? I paid two shillings per week for instructions only; at the time, I thought it hard - very hard; but I have since found that I received three times the value of the paltry premium I paid him. In fact, I am pleased that I surmounted the difficulty, one of the first that I met on entering the garden-doors. T. W. B.

Notices To Correspondents 30027

Notices To Correspondents #1

Acacia Platiptera is the name of the plant sent us by a correspondent, whose initials we have forgotten; it is a very pretty plant when well grown.