We use the paraffin for Peach-trees at the rate of a wine-glassful to a gallon of water. In applying it, one person is employed lifting a syringeful out of the pot or pail and discharging it vigorously back again, while another syringes the trees with it, and in a few minutes they are syringed with clean water. This is done immediately after the trees are pruned and tied in winter. We have not had to fumigate a Peach-tree this season for green-fly, and last spring the only trees out of many that were not affected with fly, were two that had been syringed the previous winter to kill brown-scale. We do not approve of the cutting-back system in rearing Peach-trees. We have large trees that were planted in 1878 now in full bearing, that under the cutting-back system would have taken double the time in attaining the same dimensions.