Acer (Maple) Colchicum rubrum. The foliage of this ornamental plant assumes a deep reddish tinge in the autumn. Acer negundo variegata (the variegated Norway Maple), a most beautiful plant, the foliage green, with a broad margin of white. Wants shelter and liberal growth. AEsculus Hippocastanum coccinea (the scarlet-flowered Horse-Chestnut). Almonds, single-flowered. Peach, double-blossomed in variety.

*Andromeda Catesbaei, an evergreen shrub, with handsome foliage, and white spikes of flowers produced at the end of each leaf.

*Andromeda floribunda, evergreen, with white flowers; beautiful. *Andromeda pulverulenta and other kinds, deciduous, all more or less beautiful.

*Andromeda Mariana, foliage rich red in the autumn.

Arbutus, the red-flowered, scarlet-berried, and other kinds.

Aucuba. All the varieties do well in smoky districts; in fact, it is particularly a town plant. Some of the new kinds are very ornamental.

*Azalea pontica (yellow), glauca (white and fragrant), and many others. Especially what are called the Belgian varieties are very beautiful, but all are deciduous.

Berberis aristata, prominent spines, handsome.

Berberis Darwinii should be in every garden, rich dark-green foliage, and golden racemes of flowers, very beautiful. There are several other handsome kinds which are little known.

Birch, weeping, silver-barked and cut-leaved, with other varieties, all very ornamental.

Buddlea globosa, a fine free-growing plant for warm districts, producing rich orange-coloured globe-shaped flowers.

*Hardy Heaths, almost all of which are beautiful.

Chestnut (Spanish), asplenifolia is a very fine ornamental plant; so also are Aurea variegata and laciniata.

Ceanothus azureus, pale blue, and other kinds, all valuable against walls in warm sheltered places.

Cerasus padus (the Bird Cherry), very ornamental tree in spring, with white blossoms.

Cherry, double-blossomed, very showy.

Cistus glutinosus (the Gum Cistus), an evergreen shrub, requiring a sheltered situation or against a wall; produces an abundance of large showy white flowers.

Cornus mascula variegata, handsome foliage.

Cotoneaster Simonsii, a handsome evergreen shrub, with large red berries in winter; a very effective plant for covering a wall.

Crataegus (Thorns). Some of these, such as the scarlet and double pink flowered, are well known, but there are other kinds equally beautiful for the fruit, whilst some have fine bold spines.

Cytisus sessilifolius, a very pretty shrub, with yellow flowers.

Daphne Mezereum, pink and white.

Daphne pontica, evergreen, pale yellow and fragrant.

Deutzia gracilis, white, compact growing.

Deutzia crenata fl. pleno, white and pink, strong grower.

Escallonia macrantha, an evergreen, with a profusion of rose-coloured blossoms; forms a good bush or an excellent plant against a wall.

Eurybia Gunniana, a charming shrub, with an abundance of white flowers in spring, very handsome.

Fagus (Beech). Several ornamental kinds, particularly the varieties of purple-leaved, Fern-leaved, and Cristata.

Fraxinus (Ash). Several very ornamental kinds, especially the golden variegated, gold barked, and many others with fine and distinct foliage.

Genista triquetra, a low-growing shrub, with yellow Pea-shaped flowers, blooming profusely, and excellent also for rockwork.

Gleditschia tricanthos, a very ornamental tree, with handsome foliage and large spines.

Halesia tetraptera (the Snowdrop tree), a very beautiful spring-blooming shrubby tree, seldom seen, but should be in every garden.

Hedera (Ivy). Several ornamental kinds, some of which have variegated leaves, all good for rockeries, and many of them can be trained as compact bushes.

Hibiscus Syriacus (the Althaea frutex). Some of these are very beautiful, and they are seldom seen in gardens, but should be universally cultivated; all deciduous shrubs.

Ilex (Hollies). Amongst variegated, the Golden Queen is the best gold variegated, and Silver Queen and Handworthensis are the best white-margined kinds-" Moonlight " is a distinct kind, dull yellow and green foliage, and worth growing. There are several green-leaved kinds which should be grown.

*Kalmia latifolia, an evergreen shrub, with pink and white wax-like flowers.

Leycesteria formosa, a grand ornamental shrub, producing purple berries in the winter; requires a little shelter.

Ligustrum japonicum (the Chinese Privet), evergreen.

Ligustrum japonicum, variegated.

Liquidambar styraciflua, a deciduous tree, the foliage of which changes to a bright red colour in the autumn.

Liriodendron tulipifera (the Tulip tree), so called from its Tulip-like flower. The foliage is very distinct in form to that of any other tree, and is very ornamental.

Magnolia conspicua, a deciduous shrubby tree, with pure white flowers.

Magnolia Soulangiana, also deciduous, the flowers white and rosy purple.

Magnolia grandiflora, evergreen, with large handsome foliage and large white flowers; does best against a south wall in a good sheltered warm situation.

Mahonia aquifolia, does well almost anywhere.

Mahonia Bealii, and other varieties with fine foliage, thrives in sheltered situations and good soil.

Paliurus aculeatus (Christ's Thorn), a very ornamental deciduous shrub with a profusion of thorns.

Pernettya mucronata, and other kinds, all low-growing evergreen shrubs, with bright-coloured berries in the winter; most desirable plants, and suitable for rock work.

Populus (Poplar). The white-leaved and aspen, also other ornamental kinds.

Pyrus. Several kinds of these ornamental trees, which could be selected in nur series.

Quercus (Oak), scarlet-leaved, evergreen, Pannonica, with very fine foliage, and several other fine ornamental kinds.

Rhododendrons in variety.

Ribes speciosum (flowering Gooseberry), rich scarlet flowers.

Salix (Willows), several very ornamental-leaved as well as weeping kinds.

Spirgea ariaefolia, callosa, Lindleyana, Douglasii, and others, all deciduous, and more or less beautiful.

Tilia (Limes), several ornamental-leaved kinds. The common Lime is one of our finest garden trees.

Ulmus (Elms). Several fine varieties for foliage. These all do well in small town gardens.

Weigelias. Several pretty varieties.

Yuccas (Adam's Needle), especially filamentosa, gloriosa, and recurva.

Those marked thus* require peat in the soil in which they are planted.

QUIS? (To be continued).