This is a choice hardy border-bulb, rarely met with in collections of hardy flowers. It has a large black-skinned bulb, emitting many strong fleshy fibres. The leaves are about 18 inches long and 2 1/2 inches broad, and grey-green. The flower-stems are from 18 inches to 2 feet high, and are surmounted by an umbel of beautiful, pure-white 6-parted flowers, with a white, semi-transparent 12-cleft crown and conspicuously long stamens, also white. It flowers in June and July. Native of the south of Europe.

Pancratium Maritimum

This is very similar in the character of the flowers to the last, and is in every way a very desirable plant to cultivate. The leaves are dark green, and shorter and narrower than in the last. A dry warm soil is necessary for both sorts, and it should also be deep. The last species is scarcely fit for culture out of doors in the north, except in the warmest localities, and both are the better for being protected during winter by a mound of tan or cinders, laid over the spots they occupy to exclude frost. Increase by removing the offsets, which are produced in moderate quantity, and by seeds, which both produce in favourable localities. The latter should be sown as soon as they are ripe in heat, and the former should be pricked into rich sandy loam and peat in nursing-beds early in spring or in autumn when the leaves decay, protecting the "beds during winter with some dry litter, tan, or any such material that is most handy. Cultivated in pots in pits during winter, they are very beautiful ornaments of the greenhouse in early summer.