Primula Auricula is the parent of the well-known varieties of stage and border Auriculas. In its native habitats on the German, Swiss, and Italian Alps, it is rather a variable plant, but not to such an extent as to shadow forth, even remotely, the endless and beautiful combinations that have sprung from it in the florist's hands. Yellow and red are the most common colours in nature, with purple occasionally, and Selfs are more common than variegated varieties, which is also true of the majority of florists' varieties raised, only the variegated forms are the most favoured. It would take more space than can be allowed here to notice in detail the method of cultivating and raising the finer varieties, which have been most favoured by florists; and it is the less necessary to do so, because treatises on the subject have been long in existence, and give details ample and curious enough to satisfy the most particular inquirer. Almost any of the varieties are worthy of cultivating, were it for no other purpose than that of yielding early crops of cut flowers out of doors. Where these are wanted in quantity, the fragrance and pretty colours of the auricula render them very desirable.

All that are suitable for this purpose may be grown in the borders of the kitchen-garden, about the margin of shrubberies, etc.; and they will succeed in any common garden-soil, if not too heavy and wet. W. S.