As far as we know the only representative of the genus in cultivation, this superb little plant is a recent introduction from Valdivia, in South America, discovered by Mr Pearce, growing as a broad bushy shrub of only a few feet high, at altitudes of from 5000 to G000 feet above the sea-level.

It is as yet only to be seen here in a young state, and presents the appearance of a miniature Yew. In habit of growth it is sharply conical, very profusely furnished with tiny branches from the ground upwards, the small Yew-like leaves, of a bright green colour, thickly covering the shoots.

The experience of the last two or three years proves that, though requiring a moderate amount of shelter, it is quite hardy in most localities, and at the same time, that it may be cultivated with the greatest facility in almost every variety of soil, with a preference, however, to light deep loam. It is doubtless a valuable acquisition, and will contrast well with the fine dwarf Retinosporas, and other dwarf compact-growing Conifers, in small garden beds, or in front rows of the taller forms, while no plant will be more effective for planting on and around rockeries.