Considering the great demand for ornamental plants for all sorts of decorative purposes, it is matter for surprise that this most useful and ornamental Australian Fern is not cultivated to a greater extent. It can be grown into large plants in comparatively small pots, and is, consequently, a most suitable Fern for furnishing vases and baskets. It grows, when shifted on into 10- or 12-inch pots, 3 feet high. Its fronds are pinnate, and the lower pinna) also become pinnate. Its colour is of the most vivid glossy green. A great recommendation to it is that it can be grown in a cool house; and it is singularly free from the attacks of insects, such as thrips, which are so troublesome in the case of many Ferns. It is also a Fern of the easiest possible growth, thriving well in a mixture of loam, leaf-mould, and a little sand. J. M.