The Golden Champion is the most robust and vigorous Vine we know, whether grafted on another stock or on its own roots. We have it on Muscats, Hamburgs, White Tokay, Raisin de Calabrica, and on its own roots, and can observe no difference in its growth. In your case we would inarch it, as no Vine succeeds well when planted in a border that has been made some years, as yours has been. The other Grape you refer to is a very free bearer, and with us has set well. A writer in the 'Chronicle,' we think it was, said it did not set freely. This is not our experience of it. We have it inarched on the Black Hamburg and Muscat Hamburg, Lucombe and Pince. Mr Meredith, or any nurseryman, can supply you with a plant of it, and we advise you to inarch it on one of your established Vines.