At Lowther Castle, Westmoreland .....


At Thoresby Park, Nottinghamshire .....


At Drumlanrig, Dumfriesshire ......


The Weather

The most severe frost experienced in this country since 1860-61 occurred from the 8th January to the 17th, inclusive. The ten days gave, at Drumlanrig, 247 1/2° frost, and a trifle more than 24 1/2° of frost for each day. On the 16th there were 31 1/2°, and on the 17th 34°, or 2° below zero. At Tweed Vineyard there were 42°, or 10° below zero. At Meadow-bank, near Glasgow, there were 35 1/2° frost on each of the mornings of the 17th and 18th. At Springwood Park, near Kelso, there were 44° of frost; and from all parts we hear of excessive cold. The results to plants must be disastrous, but cannot be fully ascertained until there is a complete thaw.