This is a rather rare species from the south of Europe, very pretty and interesting, hardly ornamental enough to find favour with those who derive their gratification from floral display merely, but on rockwork or in pots always pleasing to the admirer of simple flowers. It succeeds best in peaty soil, or in leaf-mould and loam, the latter in the proportion of a third of the former, well drained, but moist. It forms a handsome plant of compact growth, with the leaves mostly radical, a few only being developed on the stems where they branch. The root-leaves are roundly egg-shaped, very dark, shining green, those of the stem are broadly lance-shaped. The flowers are large relatively to the other parts, pure white, and open in July.

Ranunculus Cortuscefolius

This, like the last, is rarely seen in cultivation. Though a very handsome species, it is not enduring enough to be placed among the more ornamental hardy flowers in any arrangement where a continuous display of colour is required to be kept up. Its most proper place is on the rockwork, in moist, rich loam, where it forms very interesting and showy tufts of handsome leaves and large bright yellow flowers.