On March 15th the temperature fell 23° below freezing; on March 28th, 10° of frost; on 29th, 12°; on April 11th, 8°; and this morning May 17th, we had 11° of frost; the result being that Asparagus, Potatoes, and many other things, are killed to the ground. We will this season have little or no fruit of any description. Many of the Beech and other trees are quite black from the effects of this morning's frost. I can see some of the distant hills covered with snow, and today has been like one of the bleak December days. J. W.

Eden Grove, Carlisle.

Drumlanrig, June 14

On June the 9th and 10th the thermometer, fully exposed, registered 3° and 2° below freezing. North and easterly dry winds have prevailed for weeks, and vegetation is languishing for want of rain, the grass being quite crisp and brown. It would appear from the following, received from a correspondent, that very similar weather prevails on the Continent: -

Haarlem, June 6

Our weather is, alas ! very raw. We have had north wind, which blights everything, for six weeks continuously. The meadows are almost red; there is scarcely any grass, and the farmers are compelled to feed the cattle at the steadings. Vegetables can hardly be procured, and as we have bad frequently hard frost till the beginning of June, all our Apple and Pear blossom has perished. J. C.