A Handy Guide to the Construction and Management of Plant-Houses, the Selection, Cultivation, and Improvement of Ornamental Greenhouse and Conservatory Plants. By Shirley Hibberd. Groombridge & Sons, Loudon.

The author of this book, extending to nearly 300 pages, is to be congratulated on this very successful effort to supply amateur gardeners with a long-felt want. And amateurs are equally to be congratulated on having placed within their reach so elaborate and practical a guide-book to all that is connected with the operations and principles which the above title indicates. We need not tell those of our readers who have read Mr Hibberd's ' Brambles and Bay-leaves ' that he can wield a most pleasant and interesting pen ; nor need we tell those of them who have seen his Bose-book and other works besides, that he is as practical as he is pleasing and entertaining. The work before us is more striking, from its sound practical advice about every point connected with greenhouse and conservatory plant culture. There seems to be nothing neglected, down to the very crocking of a pot, which, as well as most other particulars, is well illustrated by woodcuts. Select lists of plants suitable for various seasons, circumstances, and purposes, are furnished, which, to the inexperienced amateur, must prove of great use.

We heartily commend the book to all who are interested in greenhouse and conservatory culture as a thoroughly practical and useful guide.