This is a handsomely got up volume of 644 pages, containing 400 illustrations, all bearing upon the subjects of which it treats - showing the various methods of training fruit-trees in vogue in France; the implements used in horticulture and arboriculture; the hothouses, frames, and other appliances used for producing early fruit, flowers, and vegetables; plans of the principal parks round Paris: with copious illustrations of French landscape-gardening; lists of the most interesting places to those in search of the best examples of French horticulture; and, last, but not least, plans of the Mushroom-caves of Paris, besides a great deal more that time and space debar a reference to at this time.

The descriptive letterpress is clearly written, and full in all details; and it will enable any one with modei-ate horticultural skill to carry out in this country whatever may strike him as being worth copying.

The volume is worthy a place in every gardener's library.