A Book about the Garden and the Gardener. By the Rev. S. Reynolds Hole. William Blackwood & Sons.

There are few authors who are at the same time highly amusing and instructive writers. We need scarcely say that the author of this book is one of those few. There are few men occupying the social platform that the Rev. Reynolds Hole occupies, who would dedicate a work to serving-gardeners with a "brother's love." His dedication runs thus: "To all true gardeners, whether they serve or rule, this book is offered with a brother's love." If there can be anything in a dedication to commend a book to gardeners, surely it is in this. We feel quite incompetent to review this book so as to give an idea of what it really is. We will therefore probably do it more justice by simply saying, that it describes a series of meetings of a little society, called the " Six of Spades," at which a Mr Oldacre, a Mr Chiswick, a Mr Evans, a Mr Grundy, and the Curate, discuss a great many matters connected with gardeners and gardening in a most amusing, witty, and instructive manner. The book sparkles with Mr Hole's well-known wit, humour, and good sense.

The last chapter, "On the Happiness of a Garden," should be read by all who own a garden, in order that they might see how a large-hearted man dispenses happiness and relief to the more humble around his garden-gate, as does the author of the ' Six of Spades.' The book is beautifully printed, and in every way got up fit for the drawing-room.