This Society held its autumn exhibition in the Music Hall, George Street, Edinburgh, on the 7th of last month. As a whole, it was scarcely up to the average of the autumn exhibitions of the Society. At the same time there were some fine plants, some excellent fruit, and good vegetables produced. Among fruit, Mr Johnston, of Glamis Castle, had splendid bunches of White Muscats, weighing from 5 to 6 lb. each; Mr Greig, gardener to Mr Christie, of Craigend, near Edinburgh, had splendid Alicants and very good Muscats. T. Boyd, gardener to William Sanderson, Esq., Oak-lea, Galashiels, got the prize for Golden Champion, with very good bunches of that Grape. Mr Johnston got first for flavour in white Grapes with the Duchess of Buccleuch; and Mr Temple, gardener, Balbirnie, first for black with Black Muscats. Mr Johnston got first for 20 sorts of fruit; Mr M'Kay, of The Glen, second. The largest bunch of Grapes we ever saw came from James Dickson, gardener to J. Jardine, Esq., Arkleton, weighing 19 lb. 5 oz. - a well-formed compact bunch named Syrian; but we considered it to be the White Nice, with which the Syrian is often confounded.

Messrs Lawson & Sons filled the orchestra, as they generally do, with a great variety of handsome Palms, Conifers, and fine - foliaged plants. All the other Edinburgh nurserymen contributed to fill the hall with nice ornamental plants.

The members of the Society, to the number of forty, dined together at the Albert, where the usual loyal and patriotic toasts were proposed and responded to.

The Edinburgh Southern Horticultural Society held its autumn exhibition in the grounds of George Watson's Hospital on the 14th of last month. There were a great many well-grown plants for a local exhibition, especially fine examples of Zonal and Scarlet Geraniums, excellent vegetables, and some very good fruit.

This Society is doing a great deal of good in the way of developing a taste for horticulture amongst the proprietors of the numerous villa residences on the south side of Edinburgh, and deserves every encouragement.

Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society #1

This Society is certainly to be congratulated on the magnificent exhibition which it held in the Music Hall, Edinburgh, on the 5th April. It was the unanimous opinion of all that there never were so many, nor, generally speaking, such a fine spring show of flowers and fruits held in Edinburgh before. The only thing to be regretted in connection with it is, that this Society should be compelled, for want of a more capacious place, to huddle so many fine plants into a space so small. The consequence of this is, that individual plants are seen to great disadvantage. There were sufficient fine plants brought together on this occasion to occupy three times the space afforded them. The spring meeting of this Society has formerly been designated the Hyacinth Show, from the fact that they were generally a most prominent feature. They are now, however, so much out of proportion, that on this occasion they were completely thrown into the shade by the mass of other flowering and fine-foliaged plants which crowded the room on every hand.

The whole sides of the room were crowded with nurserymen's tables; and it is another new feature that a Glasgow firm should send a collection all the way in vans by road, and carry off the leading prize, which Messrs Thyne's table certainly deserved, - their plants being so choice and well grown that it was no discredit to those who stood second and third in relation to them. It is most creditable to the nursery firms of Edinburgh that nearly every one of them put in an appearance with tables of well-grown plants. The orchestra was filled with a magnificent group of fine Coniferae, Palms, Ferns, etc, arranged in a masterly manner for effect, by the Messrs Lawson. We have seen the Hyacinths both more numerous and fully better grown, but there was a marked improvement in almost every other class of plants exhibited. The Orchids, Heaths, Azaleas, Roses, Ferns, Cyclamens, etc, were all a decided advance on former occasions. The Pines, Grapes, and Apples were simply magnificent for the season, or indeed for any season.

We could wish to notice in detail the various subjects which formed the individual groups, but having so many shows to notice, we must content ourselves with appending the prize-lists.

Judges: - James Henderson, Cawden Castle; John Cowe, Luffness; Alex. Anderson, Oxenford; Thomas Lees, Tyninghame; Mr Shearer, Yester; Mr Ross, Preston Hall; Mr M'Farlane, Kingsmeadows; Mr M'Leod, Newbattle; Mr Cumming, Amisfield.