For the best eight dishes of fruit,"Pines excluded, Mr M'Indoe came first with Madresfield Court, Forster's Seedling, Black Hamburg, and Golden Champion Grapes; Violet Hative and Alexander Peaches; a Melon, and brown Turkey Figs. Mr Fairgrieve of Dunkeld made a good second with Black Hamburg and Madresfield Court Grapes; Spanish Peaches; Pitmaston Orange Nectarine; Read's Hybrid and a Seedling Melon; and late Duke Cherries. Mr M'Con-nachie, Cameron House, was third, having Muscat and Alicante Grapes; Golden Perfection and Marquis of Ailsa Melons; Bellegarde Peaches; Pitmaston Nectarines; Apples; and Plums.

For eight bunches of four distinct grapes, Mr Kirk of Ernespie came in first with magnificent examples of Duke of Buccleuch, Black Hamburg, Alicante, and Buckland's Sweetwater. Mr M'Indoe was second with very fine examples of Madresfield Court, magnificent bunches of Duke of Buccleuch, Black Hamburg, and Forster's Seedling. Mr Loudon being placed third with Muscat of Alexandria, Burchardt's Prince, Gros Colman, and Black Hamburg.

For the four bunches (sorts) Mr M'Indoe took the lead, defeating Mr Kirk this time with splendid Duke of Buccleuch, Black Hamburg, magnificently coloured Muscat of Alexandria, and Madresfield Court. Mr Kirk's were Duke of Buccleuch (fine), Black Hamburg, Buckland's Sweetwater, and Madresfield Court. Mr Loudon was third with Black Prince, Madresfield Court, Trebbiano, and Muscat of Alexandria.

For the twelve bunches - six black and six white - Mr M'Indoe was again first with Muscat of Alexandria, Duke of Buccleuch, Madresfield Court, Alnwick Seedling, Black Hamburg, Bowood Muscat, Frankenthal, Barbarossa, Golden Champion, Gros Colman, and Forster's Seedling. Mr M'Intyre was second with six bunches Muscat of Alexandria, Black Prince, and Black Hamburg. Mr Hammond of Brayton being third, having very good Black Hamburg, Alicante, Muscat, and Golden Queen.

For two bunches of Black Hamburg Mr Boyd, Callender Park, Falkirk, was placed first with two faultless bunches. Mr Curror of Eskbank being second with fine examples also.

Mr Boyd staged probably the finest examples of Muscat Hamburg that have ever been exhibited. The several examples of Alnwick Seedling that appeared on this occasion were so fine in appearance that a good impression must have been formed of it by growers. The same may be said of the Duke of Buccleuch, which was in splendid form, without speck or crack, highly finished and numerous, it being included in nearly every important collection of Grapes. The heaviest bunch has dwindled down to 13 lb. 3 oz., and we see no reason to regret it, for we consider mere weight a false standard to work up to. As we publish the prize-list in full, with the name of the proprietors as well as the gardeners, we cannot afford more space for particulars or remarks, excepting to say that we were pleased to see more Heaths among the competition flowering plants. Mr Paterson, Millbank, and others, have very fine examples of autumn flowering Heaths.

The following is the awards of the judges, who were:- Messrs Thomson, Clovenfords; M'Kelvie, Broxmouth; Fleming, Garscube; M'Kenzie, "Warriston; Downie, West Coates; Souza, Touche; Findlay, Castlemilk; Mitchell, Cambus Erskine; Beveridge, Mayfield Langstone; Dunn, Dalkeith; Knight, Floors Castle; Fowler, Grange Road.

The exhibition was visited by over 10,000 people, and we would advise the Council to consider the propriety of keeping such grand autumn shows open for two days, if it could be arranged to have the market for that time.

Class I. - Fruit

Collection of Fruit, twelve sorts. - 1, Geo. Johnstone, gr. to Earl of Strath-more, Glamis Castle; 2, Jas. M'Indoe, gr. to T. W. Pease, Esq., Hutton Hall, Gisborough; 3, M. M'Intyre, gr. to C. Tennent, Esq., The Glen, Innerleithen.

Collection of Fruit, eight sorts, excluding Pine Apples. - 1, Jas. M'Indoe; 2. P. W. Fairgrieve, gr. to Duchess of Athol, Dunkeld House; 3, Jas. Macono-chie, gr. to A. Smollett, Esq., Cameron House.

Eight bunches Grapes, four sorts. - 1, A. Kirk, gr. to Mrs M'Kie, Ernespie, Castle Douglas; 2, Jas. M 'Indoe; 3, Jas. Louden, gr. to T. Baines, Esq., The Quinta.

Four bunches Grapes, sorts. - (First Prize by Mr Robert Jamieson, Fruit Merchant, Princes Street.) 1, Jas. M'Indoe; 2, A. Kirk; 3, Jas. Louden, The Quinta, Chirk.

Twelve bunches Grapes, six black and six white. - 1, Jas. M'Indoe; 2, M. M'Intyre; 3, J. Hammond, gr. to Sir W. Lawson, Bt., Bray ton Castle.

Two bunches Muscat Alexandria Grapes. - 1, Jas. Maconochie; 2, Jas. M'Indoe.

Two bunches Black Hamburg Granes. - 1, J. Boyd, gr. to W. Forbes, Esq., Falkirk; 2, J. Curror, gr. to J. Douglas, Esq., Eskbank.

Two bunches Golden Queen. - 1. Jas. M'Indoe; 2, - Ferguson, gr. to A. Usher, Esq., Oswald Road.

One heaviest bunch of Grapes, white. - 1, Jas. Dickson, gr. to J. Jardine, Esq., Arkleton; 2, A. Kirk.

One heaviest bunch of Grapes, black. - 1, E. Cameron, gr. to T. Welsh, Esq., Moffat; 2, Jas. Dickson.

One bunch Muscat Alexandria Grapes. - 1, Jas. Carruthers, gr. to A. B. Fleming, Esq., Hillwood, Corstorphine.

One bunch Venn's Black Muscat Grapes. - 1, Jas. Dickson.

One bunch Black Hamburg Grapes. - 1, J. Boyd; 2, W. Collins, gr. to F. Ballantyne, Esq., Walkerburn.

One bunch Black Hamburg Grapes for size of berry. - 1, P. M'Kellor, gr. to Mr Raffan, Dolisla; 2, Jas. Dickson.

One bunch Black Alicante Grapes. - 1, Thos. Lees, North Berwick; 2, A. Gould, gr. to J. White, Esq., Dolphinton.

One bunch Lady Downes Grapes. - 1, J. Maule, gr. to Mrs M'Nab, Howood, Renfrew; 2, J. Carruthers.

One bunch finest flavoured white Grapes. - 1, G. Greig, gr. to W. Christie, Esq., Craigend Park; 2, J. Brunton, gr. to Sir D. Kinloch, Gilmerton.

One bunch finest flavoured black Grapes. - 1, Jas. M'Indoe; 2, Jno. Laing, gr. to R. Cathcart, Esq., Pitcairlie.

One bunch black Grapes for finest bloom. - 1, J. Maule; 2, P. M'Kellor.