Special awards were bestowed on some Vanda blooms from Mr M'Intyre, The Glen; and on a basket of flowers from Mr M'Millan, Broadmeadows. It was hardly possible to believe that the combination of blue Cinerarias, and pink, crimson, and scarlet Geraniums, of which this arrangement was made up, should have had such a recognition by the judges, after the teaching they have received during the last decade.

First-class certificates were awarded to Messrs Ireland & Thomson for a white sweet-scented Rhododendron named Thomsonii; Mr Robertson Munro, for Soldanelia minima alba; Mr Potts, for Saxifraga Fettestonia aurea.

The judges were - Messrs James Henderson, Cowden Castle; Neil Glass, Car-brook; Lunt, Ardgowan; D. Henderson, Castle Wemyss; T. Gellatly, Gosford; Lamont, Kennet; Morrison, Archerfield; Ormiston, Alloa Park; Currie, Peebles; Rutledge, Freelane; Ramsay, Fordell; and Wilson, Murdiston. Daring the afternoon and evening the band of the 71st Highlanders played selections of music. So far as the number of visitors was concerned, the show was a decided success. In the afternoon it was patronised by between three and four thousand people, including a number of the nobility. In the evening there was also a large attendance.

The following is the prize-list: -

Gardeners And Amateurs

Twelve Hyacinths, not less than twelve sorts. - 1, A. Crombie, Royal Asylum, Morningside; 2, G. M'Clure, Trinity Grove; 3, H. Syme.

Nine distinct Hyacinths. - 1, J. Pearson, Beechwood; 2, R. M. Reid, Ravens-wood; 3. J. Fowler.

Six distinct Hyacinths. - 1, W. Penn, Liberton; 2, G. Lawrie, Merchiaton; 3, A. Dunlop.

Six distinct Hyacinths (Amateurs). - G. Drummond, Grange Road.

Four pots Polyanthus-Narcissus, sorts, pots not exceeding 9 inches. - 1, W. Pearson; 2, S. Graham, Kilravock Lodge; 3, J. Spence.

Nine pots Tulips, sorts, pots not exceeding 9 inches (First Prize by Maken-zie & Moncur, horticultural builders). - 1, A. Crombie; 2, G. M'Lure.

Six pots Tulips, sorts, pots not exceeding 9 inches. - 1, T. Macdonald, Ashfield, Grange Loan; 2, R. Johnston, Woolmet, Dalkeith; 3, W. Penn.

Twelve pots Narcissus, garden sorts, varieties. - J. Gordon, Niddrie Gardens.

Six pots Narcissus, do. - 1, J. Spence, Oswald Road; 2, G. M'Lure.

Four Rhododendrons, in pots or tubs, hardy. - 1, G. M'Lure; 2, C. Smith, Res-talrig House.

Two Rhododendrons, do. - 1, C. Smith; 2, Hugh Mackenzie, Blackford Brae. One specimen Azalea. - 1, A. Paul, Henderson Cottage, Gilmore Place; 2, J. Paterson, Millbank.

Four Azalea indica, varieties (First Prize by the Corporation of the City of Edinburgh). - 1, A. Paul; 2, J. Patersou; 3, C. Smith.

Two Azalea indica, varieties. - 1, J. Paterson; 2, A. Paul.

Three do., pots not exceeding 8 inches. - 1, J. Paterson; 2, J. Fowler, Grange Road.

Six Greenhouse or Stove Plants, in flower, distinct varieties, not more than two Azaleas. - 1, J. Paterson; 2, A. Paul.

Three Greenhouse or Stove Plants, in flower, distinct varieties, not more than one Azalea. - 1, J. M'Cormick, Grange Loan; 2, G. M'Lure.

Six Foliage Plants, pots not exceeding 8 inches. - 1, J. M'Cormick; 2, S. Graham.

Four Foliage Plants, excluding Ferns. - 1, S. Graham; 2, R. M. Reid.

Two Foliage Plants, do. - 1, J. Paterson; 2, J. M'Cormick.

Six Plants for table decoration, pots not to exceed 6inches. - 1, J.M'Cormick; 2, J. M'Leod, Brenthan Park, Stirling.

Table of Plants, 20 feet by 5 feet. - 1, Wm, Priest, Newbattle Abbey; 2, R. M. Reid; 3, A. Paul.

Table of Hardy Spring Flowering Plants, 10 feet by 5 feet. - 1, G. M'Lure; 2, C. Smith.

Two Dracaenas. - 1, S. Graham; 2, J. M'Cormick.

One Specimen Croton. - 1, J. Pater-san; 2, R. M. Reid.

Four Palms - 1, J. Paterson; 2, T. Macdonald.

One Palm. - T. Macdonald.

Four Orchids. - 1, A. Paul; 2, J. Laid-law, Liberton.

Two Orchids. - 1, W. Priest; 2, A. Paul.

One Orchid. - 1, A. Paul; 2, J. Laid-law.

Six Exotic Ferns, sorts. - 1, A. Paul; 2, T. Macdonald.

Three do., in pots not exceeding 9 in. - 1, S. Graham; 2, T. Macdonald.

Three Adiantums, sorts. - 1, S. Graham; 2, W. Pearson.

Two pots or pans Lycopodium, different species. - 1, W. Henderson, Polmont; 2, J. Cossar, Linlithgow.

One Tree Fern, not less than 3 feet stem. - T. Macdonald.

Four Cape Heaths. - 1, J. Paterson; 2, J. M'Cormiek.

Three pots Amaryllis, varieties. - 1, T. Macdonald; 2, G. M'Lure.

Two Deutzia Gracilis. - 1, W. Bennet, Hanley; 2, G. M 'Lure.

One do. - 1, T. Macdonald; 2, J. M'Cormiek.

Two Lilacs. - 1, W. Priest; 2, James Spence.

Three Spiraea japonica. - 1, T. Macdonald; 2, A. Scott, Carberrv Tower.

Two Dielytra spectabilis. - J. Cossar.

Two Epacrises. - A. Paul.

Four Cinerarias, sorts. - 1, M. M'Intyre, The Glen, Innerleithen; 2, W. Bennett, Corstorphine.

Two do - 1, J. Matheson, Lasswade; 2, A. Hay. Linlithgow.

Twelve Camellia Blooms. - 1, J. Stewart; 2, C. Smith.

Six do. do. - 1, J. Stewart; 2, Thomas Bowman.

Six Rhododendron Trusses, of sorts. - 1, S. Graham; 2, C. Smith.

A Hand Bouquet. - 1, J. Bald, Canaan House; 2, T. Bowman.

A Table Bouquet. - 1, H. Watson, Stirling; 2, J. Cossar.

Two Standard Mignonette. - S.Graham.

One do. - J. Cossar.

Two pots Miguonette. - 1, S. Graham; 2, J. Cossar.

Three pots or pans Lily of the Valley. - 1, W. Pearson; 2, S. Graham.

One do. - 1, W. Pearson; 2, G. M'Lure.

Four forced Roses in pots (First Prize by Mr H. Dickson, nurseryman, Belmont). - 1, J. Paterson; 2, W. Priest.

Two forced Roses, in pots. - 1, J. Paterson; 2, G. M'Lure.

Twenty-four cut Roses, not less than twelve sorts. - T. Bowman.

Twelve; cut Roses, not less than six sorts. - C. Smith.

Twelve cut Roses, Marechal Niel. - 1, W. Pearson; 2, J. Gordon.

One Cactus, any sort. - W. Dougal, Ferry Road.

Two single Primulas (Chinese). - 1, W. Kay; 2. W. Pearson.

Six Primula vulgaris, varieties. - W. Pearson.

Two Stage Pelargoniums, in flower. - Thos. Macdonald.

Twelve Cyclamens, not less than six varieties. - 1, M. M'Intyre; 2. G.M'Lure.

Six do., three varieties. - 1, G. M'Lure; 2, J. Paterson.

Six pots Polyanthus, in flower. - 1, S. Graham; 2, R. Harvey, Colin ton Road.

Six Auriculas, Alpine, in flower. - R. Johnston.

Six Alpine Plants, in flower. - 1, A. Paterson; 2, G. Drummond.

One Pine Apple. - M. M'Intyre.

Thirty Strawbei'ries. - M. M'Intyre.

Two bunches of Grapes, black. - 1, A. Anderson, Oxenford Castle, Dalkeith; 2, D. Kemp, Langlee, Galashiels.

Twelve Apples, cooking, six sorts, named. - 1, G. Potter, Seacliff House, North Berwick; 2, J. Brunton, Gil-merton.

Twelve do., dessert, three sorts, do. - 1, J. Brunton; 2, J. Stewart, Catherine Bank House, Newhaven Road.

Twelve Pears, dessert, three sorts, named. - 1, J. Brunton; 2, G. Potter.

Two Cucumbers. - R. Ferguson, Teviot Bank, Merchiston.

Collection of Vegetables, eight sorts. - 1, G. Potter; 2, T. Bowman.

Six Heaviest Stalks Rhubarb. - 1, J. Leyden, Rosewell; 2, J. Stewart.

Six Heads Seakale. - 1, T. Bowman; 2, J. Stewart, Corstorphine.

Six Leeks. - 1, G. Potter; 2, J. Stewart, Corstorphine.

A Pint of Mushrooms. - ], C. Smith; 2, J. Gordon.

Three Cabbages. - 1, G. Potter; 2, T. Bowman.

Twelve Onions. - 1, T. Boyd, Callender Park, Falkirk; 2, T. Bowman.

Twenty-five Asparagus. - 1, G. Potter; 2. T. Bowman.

Fifty Pods French Beans. - 1, R. P Brothers ton, Tyninghame; 2, J. Boyd.


Eighteen distinct Hyacinths. - Messrs Downie & Laird, West Coates Nursery.

Twelve Rhododendrons, hardy varieties, in pots or tubs. - Messrs Downie & Laird.

Six Rhododendrons, do., in pots not exceeding 9 inches. - 1, Messrs Downie & Laird; 2, Messrs T. Methven & Sons.

Six Greenhouse Rhododendrons. - Messrs Downie & Laird.

Twelve Camellia Blooms, six varieties. - 1, Messrs W. Gordon & Sons, Coltbridge; 2, J. Bryson, Parkend, Helensburgh.

A Hand Bouquet. - 1, Messrs Todd & Co., Maitland Street; 2, Messrs Dowiie & Laird.

A Table Bouquet. - Messrs Todd & Co.

Twelve cut Roses. - 1, J. Bryson; 2, George Sinclair.

Twelve Blooms Marechal Niel Rose. - 1, George Sinclair; 2, J. Bryson.

Twelve pots Cyclamens. - Messrs Downie & Laird.

Six forced Roses, in pots - J. Bryson.

Four Azaleas. - Messrs Downie & Laird.

Collection of Hardy Spring Flowers, not less than twelve sorts. - R. Munro, Piershill.